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Dras War Memorial

Dras War Memorial

Welcome to knowledgeofindia.com a site made to educate people more about this great country. Though India is already a global power, still many times we have seen a negative image being drawn. We would like to let the world know that there is lot more in India apart from bad things or “Taj Mahal”. India has been part of worlds oldest civilization that has inhabited this planet and in 20th century it is still contributing to society and mankind. A peace loving country and earliest member of U.N.O,ย  India has always tried to bring peace or support humanity in natural disasters, wars or any other calamity.

Though Indian citizen know a lot about their native country but it is such a big country that many local people are also unaware of its great facts and beauty. ย  For foreigners its all about the main attractions centers but they miss some of the great beauties because it was left unadvertised. So would you like to miss something great just because it was not properly promoted?ย  I guess no. So lets explore and educate our self by knowing more about this county.

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