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How Narendra Modi And The Government Failed To Understand The Ongoing Coronavirus Crises

The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has already engulfed the entire world, and by the time I completed this article already, there were more than 32000 deaths and 683,691 active cases in the world. The virus walloped the most developed and advanced countries in the world...

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Progress Made Under Reservation In India & Its Criticism

In the previous article, we have discussed the Reservation System in India, how it started and chronology of reservation to date. We have also discussed the role played by Indian Judiciary and Legislature in shaping the reservation system that we...

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Quota or Reservation System in India: History & Present

“Reservation” in English means “An arrangement by which some provisions are secured in advance” or “The act of keeping back or withholding”. If the same word is uttered in India it creates a widespread debate, heated conversations, and divides the...

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The Day India Took Revenge of 1962: The Cho La Incident

Our Mother Land is located in one of the most densely militarised locations on the Earth. Two of India’s neighbors (Pakistan & China) maintain one of the biggest Armies in the world and a huge amount of money is spent...

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