10 Mistakes of Jawahar Lal Nehru: History of Kashmir Issue

The State of Jammu & Kashmir is regarded as a crown in India’s head and it is one of the most beautiful places on the entire Earth. Mughal Emperor Jhanghir once said, ” If there is ever a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, its here”. Throughout the history, the valley of Jammu & Kashmir was famous for its scenic beauty un-till it was messed by partitioning India and subsequent actions taken by the respective governments. India’s first Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru is always criticized for making Kashmir issue a “Chakravyuh” in which one can enter but can’t get out of it.

Through this article, we are trying to cover the history of Kashmir Issue and mistakes committed by Jawaharlal Nehru related to Kashmir issue. We would also cover the role of Government of India especially the Congress government and had if they were avoided there would have been a different story.

Exact intention of State of Jammu & Kashmir regarding joining India or Pakistan

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The Maharaja of state “Shri Hari Singh” was ready to accept the terms of Indian IOA (Instrument of Accession) and his only concern was Sheikh Abdullah. His intention can be measured by the words that he said during the 1931 Round Table Conference. He proclaimed in front of British Crown:

            I am an Indian first and then a Maharaja

This gives us an idea that entirely the state of J&K can’t be blamed for the current mess nor the Maharaja of the State.

Front page of The Hindustan Times when state of Jammu & Kashmir became part of India in 1947

The front page of The Hindustan Times when the state of Jammu & Kashmir became part of India in 1947

Mistakes Committed by Jawaharlal Nehru:  


1) Close friendship of Jawaharlal Nehru and Sheikh Abdulla: Jawaharlal Nehru disliked Maharaja Hari Singh from the beginning. Sheikh Abdulla launched “Quit Kashmir Movement” in 1946 for which he was jailed by Maharaja. Nehru wanted to intervene in the issue and when he entered the state he was stopped by Maharaja’s troops. Nehru took it as an insult and never forgave Maharaja. Hari Singh knew about this friendship and therefore hesitated to sign Indian IOA. Later on, Nehru pressurized Maharaja to appoint Sheikh Abdullah as Prime Minister of State.

Photo of Sheikh Abdullah and Jawaharlal Nehru during Congress committee meeting.

Photo of Sheikh Abdullah and Jawaharlal Nehru during Congress committee meeting.

2) Too Much Trust on Sheikh Abdullah: Nehru blindly trusted Sheikh and later difference grew between them to such an extent that that Sheikh was arrested by the central government in 1953. When Indian Army was ready to recapture the area taken by Pakistani invaders, Nehru didn’t approve army to advance further. It was Sheikh who suggested Nehru not to advance further as the area beyond was not Kashmiri. In 1953, Sheikh was charged with conspiring against India, helping Pakistan to annex J&K and inciting communal disharmony.

Front Page of Times of India when Sheikh abdullah was arrested.

Front Page of Times of India when Sheikh Abdullah was arrested.

3) Not allowing Indian Army to completely recapture the area annexed by Pathan invaders: On 21/22 October 1947, an army of 5000 Pathan tribesmen (Army supported by Pakistan) invaded the state. Once the Maharaja signed IOA, Indian Army began one of the biggest operations in history. Within few days Indian army won many important points and recaptured Baramulla thereby removing the danger to the city of Srinagar. To completely annihilate the invaders Indian Army waited for approval from high command to attack their base and drove them out. Nehru didn’t allow to attack further and logged the case in U.N.O (United Nation Organization). To this day the area is not recaptured and known as POJK (Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir).

Indian Army in action during the India-Pakistan war of 1948. This war is also referred as First Kashmir War.

Indian Army in action during the India-Pakistan war of 1948. This war is also referred as First Kashmir War.

4) Escalating the issue into United Nations: Jawaharlal Nehru didn’t allow Indian Army to attack further and recapture the area but lodged the complaint (suggested by Lord Mountbatten) to the United Nation’s Security Council thereby making it an international issue. The solution provided by UN Commission was “Issue would be resolved by democratic means of plebiscite once Pakistan withdrew its troops from captured territory”. India declared the ceasefire on 1st January and Pakistan never removed its forces from captured land.

Present border between India and Pakistan. After the defeat in 1971 both countries agreed to accept LOC as their border.

Present border between India and Pakistan. After the defeat in 1971 both countries agreed to accept LOC as their border.

5) Too much Trust on British: It is said that Nehru trusted British more than the Indian generals and in case of Kashmir issue he took command in his own hand (for rest of India it was done by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel). For issues related to Kashmir, he consulted Lord Mountbatten and other English Generals. As per the British, initially, they had the intention to cede J&K to Pakistan. British Officers supported the Pakistan Army to capture the Gilgit-Baltistan region of J&K by supporting them in terms of arms and strategic plans.

Photo of Winston Churchill and Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Photo of Winston Churchill and Jawahar Lal Nehru.

6) Giving a higher share of Assembly seats to Kashmir Region than Jammu Region: During the formation of Jammu & Kashmir Assembly, the Congress government gave the control of State to Kashmir region by giving it 43 seats out of total 75 seats. It is to be noted, both by area and number of voters Jammu region should have got a higher share. No, any official census or surveys were done and government gifted more than 50% of assembly seats to Kashmir Valley thereby making it impossible for Jammu to play any pivotal role. To pass any law or abolish article 370 it should be passed in J& K assembly and by this scenario, it was made impossible. Till date, the unequal distribution of seats makes it difficult for other parties to form a government. The state politics is controlled by Kashmir Valley which in turn supports Pakistan and Separatist leaders. (At present Kashmir region has 46 seats, Jammu has 37 seats and Ladakh has 4 seats).

At present the Kashmir has 46 seats and Jammu has 37 seats. It is to be noted that the refugees can vote in central election but not in the assembly election.

At present, the Kashmir has 46 seats and Jammu has 37 seats. It is to be noted that the refugees can vote in the central election but not in the assembly election. In right separatist leader who opposes India’s control over J&K

7) Malpractices carried by him and his government during the first election of State in 1951: To conduct the first election in the valley the Central government (Congress) committed blunder mistakes. First, no census was carried out and census of 1941 was not taken into account (1941 census population data: Jammu- 20 Lakh, Kashmir-17 lakh and Ladakh/Gilgit-3 lakh). Second, in the election National Conference won all 75 seats (Note-winners of the first election were about to draft the constitution of J&K!). 73 members won without any opposition and 2 members (Not Muslim) who filed their nomination got death threats and they backed off. Third, after the election the motion of acceptance of election was moved in Indian Parliament and in spite of opposition by leaders like S.P Mookerjee it was passed in Parliament (Note- Congress at that time has 364 members in Parliament).

An image of "Kabali's" or the Pathan invaders. Pakistan supported them by providing arms and shelter.

An image of “Kabali’s” or the Pathan invaders. Pakistan supported them by providing arms and shelter.

8) Used his power to pass article 306-A which ultimately became the source of article 370: In its initial day’s article 370 was not on the scene and instead, article 306-A was drafted. Nehru sent Sheikh to Dr. B.R Ambedkar to draft an appropriate constitution for the state but Dr. Ambedkar rejected it saying:

             “Mr. Abdullah, you want India should defend Kashmir, India should develop Kashmir and Kashmiris should have equal right as citizens of India, but you don’t want India and any citizen of India to have any rights in Kashmir. I am the Law Minister of India. I cannot betray the interest of my country”.

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When Dr. Ambedkar refused to draft the article, Nehru asked Gopalaswami Ayyangar to draft the article. Once the article was prepared Nehru used his absolute majority in parliament to pass the article.

Left: Dr. Ambedkar denied drafting a separate constitution for J&K. Right: Nehru and Sheikh signing the article.

Left: Dr. Ambedkar denied drafting a separate constitution for J&K. Right: Nehru and Sheikh signing the article.

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9) Giving excessive power to the State Legislature of Jammu & Kashmir: While drafting the constitution of Jammu & Kashmir excessive power was given to the state legislature. The state legislature was empowered to make laws on all state subjects including implementation of laws and deciding who are the citizen of J&K. According to J&K, a person who has a domicile in Jammu & Kashmir would be regarded as the citizen of India though the reverse would not be acceptable. Similarly, the state has not implemented IPC (Indian Penal Code) and it has its own RPC (Ranbir Penal Code).

The state legistature is empowered to make laws on all subjects excluding some. There are many reports of misuse of law in the state.

The state legislature is empowered to make laws on all subjects excluding some. There are many reports of misuse of law in the state.

10) Hiding important information from Indian Parliament: Nehru kept the entire Parliament in dark and with the help of President of India passed the order of 1954 that significantly affected the Indian control on the state. On 14th May 1954 Nehru forced president of India to pass “Order Constitution” which was applicable to the state of J&K. This came into force as article 35A of Indian Constitution. This article deals with employment, acquisition of property, settlement, scholarships and other important aspects of the state. In this order, many exceptions and modifications were made but the entire Indian Parliament was not informed about it. You would be surprised to know that armed with these power the state has refused to add the word “Secular” in its constitution that was added to Indian constitution after 42nd Amendment.

Natural beauty of State for which it was known.

The natural beauty of State for which it was known.

So we can see how the mistakes committed by our Prime Minister has dragged the entire country and state in unending chaos. Had if few precautions were made and personal relationship was kept aside the story of state would have been different. Article 370 came with temporary provision but now it has effectively become permanent.

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122 Responses

  1. Abdul Majid Zargar says:

    This article is a bundle of lies which hardly merits any comment

    • Rajesh Pradhan says:

      Hi Abdul,

      How can you say that above facts are lie? Do you have any strong proof that these are false story? If yes then please present the facts with us. Don’t comment anything in anger.

      • Haroon says:

        Yes lies..check census of 2011 or other times Kashmir had always more population than Jammu thus automatically got more assembly seats. 2nd lie author Nehru stopped army from moving ahead on advice from Abdullah but then in next line say he got the advice from Mountbatten…

        • Shiva says:

          Are you such an idiot.. article talking about 1941 census.. and you stupid talking about 2011.. it should be offcourse more because of 50 years of control and kashmir pandits genocide..Article says Nehru consulted Mountbatten and other English generals.. and it explexitly says Nehru ordered Indian army not to move forward.. you kind of idiots, cant hide the truth and history will come out anyways with Nationalist people..

          • Knowledge of India Team says:

            @Miya Haroon, kis kitaab se padh ke aaye hai aap ki 1941 me Kashmir ki population Jammu Valley se jayada thi? Agar aapkey pass fursat ho to wo document jara humey bhi de de…Hum bhi apney ko sahi kar le kyunki aapkey jaiesa padha likha aadmi bol raha hai. Or ye bhi prove kar de ki Abdulah ne nahi bola tha ki aagey ka area Kashmiri nahi hai. Janab jitni der yaha comment kar ke samay waste kiya kaash ki aap kuch kitabey utha letey. Or ha akhiri sawal please wo census ka data humarey saath bhi share kar de agar aap sachhey kashmiri hai or padh ke yaha comment kartey hai. Warna aainda shakal na dikayega …

    • prakash says:

      If anything is not liked by you- that fact becomes a bundle of lies . The piece of information was presented with proves, newspaper reports etc. To disprove it , you have to present proves to contrary .

    • neha says:

      justify ur statement or apolozise

  2. john says:

    Jk is the only Muslim majority state in India.. so it is wrong to say that sets of parliament were divided wrongly… UN resolutions clearly state that Kashmir is a dispute and plabisite is basic right. ..

    • Knowledge Of India Team says:

      John, If you know the U.N said that plebiscite was the basic right but it was to be done under one condition that Pakistan removes its forces from Indian territory which she never did. Second how can we justify that since J&K is a Muslim state so seats should be divided on some “other basis”? If you know the eastern state of India have Christian majority so shall we do the same thing over there?

      • Mohsin says:

        Just to correct you UN has said that troops have to be removed from both sides of kashmir for plebcite, I mean Azad kashmir and Indian occupied kashmir.

        • Ashu says:

          India occupied Kashmir??? Lol

        • Knowledge of India Team says:

          Azad Kashmir? Please show me the document where UNO said AZAD Kashmir, let us see how much weight age you have in your point. UNO said Indian state of Jammu & kashmir and army to be removed from Paksitan occoupied Indian Jammu and Kashmir.

        • sateesh says:

          just compare the compare the governance in Kashmir in India and Pakistan occupied Kashmir. then you understand the truth that which country is safe for Kashmiri’s and muslims

          • indian occupied j and k says:

            Aazad kashmir is far away .
            First u ppl should feed ur poor people.
            india is the poorest kontry….first try to settle ur social problems.

    • prakash says:

      and it says to achieve that Pakistan has to vacate POK first . Why did you skip this part of the sentence ? Intention – designed to misrepresent the facts to your partisan views .

    • Devan Nayar says:

      Then the plebiscite should be the right of every state. Let Tamil Nadu and Kashmir have plebicites. Only UP and Bihar would like to stay in the Union.

  3. Ajay says:

    This Our badluck that we had such a stupid and useless first prime minister

  4. Haqeeqat says:

    Nehru was enemy of india and also the state j&k

  5. Usha Padiyar says:

    Perhaps,, it may be more prudent now for India to give up its fight for regaining POK, and
    Focus on strengthening its hold on Indian Administered Kashmir by trying to take
    the Separatists of Kashmir into confidence by direct talks with them(rather than with Pakistani Govt only), and also the Kashmiri Pandits to settle the issue of their resettlement in the Kashmir valley, if possible by division of the valley into (1) PANUN Kashmir as a Union Territory for the Pandits in the region congenial and safe for them, I.e.to the East
    &North of River Jhelum and to the West of R. Ravi, and (2)the Remaining Part of the Valley,
    which can be Autonomous, under Article 370 for the Kashmiri Muslims.

    • Knowledge Of India Team says:

      There is no logic of talking to Separatists as they demand a separate state and we can’t loose the territory for which hundreds of our soldiers died. As far as our opinion we should first repeal article 35A and then article 370. And to division of valley is not possible as according to the J & K constitution the border of state can’t be altered.

      • Chandra Sekhar says:

        We can’t loose our territory for which 100s of our soldiers died, just to meet the unjust demands of a handful of separatists. Just redo all the wrongs perpetrated by nehru, scrap article 370 and everything will fall in place.

  6. Sathya says:

    Give employment to youth of Kashmir and involve them in nation building.

    • Knowledge Of India Team says:

      Do you think that Kashmiri Youth are not given employment in the sate ? or you think there representation is less in the state services? Out of total budget allocated to State 60% alone goes to the Valley and rest to Jammu & Laddakh region. Also most A class and B class jobs of the state are taken by the Kashmir region people. The situation here is “Eating from one’s home and praising someone else. “

  7. Tgr says:

    Past is past.nehru should have given the responsibility to sardar vallabai Patel.

  8. Shekhar says:

    It of. Misfortune That we got prime minister like nehru who betrayed the people of his own country, British govt wanted to divide the the india in as many part as possible and nehru was done what Britisher asked him to do,why he he’ll that nehru took the matter to un why he wrote letter to un, why he not allowed the army to march ahead why he insulted mohmad ali jinna, for his own geed to become pm,all this questions are something that changed the history of india… May nathu ran had killed nehru instead gandhi… This issue would not have arisen..

  9. Rajesh says:

    India govt has to raise the issue at UNO,separatist are has to punsih strongly by indian govt…..and make the full strength of indian army in that area…..that control has to come to indian army …give the opportunity to indian army to do in their way…..don’t do politics in this matter because its our country….my humble request is don’t do politics in this issue…and I am welcome to all political parties to think one way and support.

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      We agree with you Rajesh but you know this is India “Fundamental Rights” , “Secular” & “Human Right” are watching.

  10. Rajesh says:

    India govt has to raise the issue at UNO,separatist are has to punsih strongly by indian govt…..and make full strength of indian army in that area…..that control has to come to indian army …give the opportunity to indian army to do in their way…..don’t do politics in this matter because its our country….my humble request is don’t do politics in this issue…and I am welcome to all political parties to think one way and support.

  11. Balram says:

    What is Done cannot be undone , after floods in Kashmir youths in kashmir are frustrated , they are starting from pelting stones later one day they will pick up arms , Indian intelligence agencies should use more brain power than muscle power to crack the puzzle like :-
    1. Media should make such environment that more & more people may visit Kashmir.
    2. Make kashmiri youth busy in employment in rest of India.
    3. Kashmiri origin army people be deployed in other parts of our country.
    4. More & more such schemes like Direct LPG subsidy in consumer savings account be started , some special schemes for Kashmiri be started to make them feel comfortable , at present they are frustrated.
    5. Kashmiri by nature was not revolutionary it is yes wrong decisions of Nehru / Abdullah has made them such.
    6. Kashmiri should understand that going with Pakistan will be suicidal , that will keep them 100 years backward.They are recognized world over reason being they are part of India , think once how many people knows SWat valley , Sindh or Baluchistan..
    7. Indians consider Kashmir as their Crown , Kashmiri’s grand parents were very respectable , May almighty shower strength to Kashmiri youths to ascertain right or wrong rather than blindly following Kashmiri Separatist leaders , mind it they are germinated out of frustration , any kind of violence cannot give a sigh of relief.

    • khalil says:

      My dear it is not the issue of unemployement, poverty, backwardness it is the issue of freedom which india has denied to kashmiries. Has it been employement then more professional employed youth become indulged in stone pelting more educated youth are joining militancy

      • Knowledge of India Team says:

        India is doing its best to provide employment in the Valley and what do you thin that in rest of India every people is employed? No my dear friend in other part of India also people are unemployed but then they study and work had to clear exams to get job. And who can you relate UN-employment to stone pelting? Have you ever heard news that in other part of India students fought against government and army because they were un-employed

      • Chandra Sekhar says:

        my dear, Agreed it is not issue of unemployment, it is the issue of muslim fundamentalism. Already Indian Union Govt. is spending 10% of its resources on 1% Kashmiris. this has to be levelled, then better sense will prevail.

  12. Knowledge of India team says:

    The state of Uttrakhand was also flood hit and same Indian army rescued people over there but why only Kashmiri People throw stone at army why not the U.K people. The problem is with mentality and they will suffer for that. They blame AFSPA for this but they implemented the AFSPA by themselves. Indian government is doing a lot for betterment of valley people but they should also co-ordinate. Simply blaming will not help.

  13. binay rath says:

    I only wants a answer, rest of india mix with varat deal by sardarji, but why this jk keep by Jawaharlal Nehru & that now headach of varat.

  14. nadeem says:

    if u endorse dat article 35A was inserted by not following prescribed procedure for constitutional amendment then wat abt those agreements who were done to abrogate the main provisions of j&k like 1965 when sadri riyast was replaced by governor nd PM by CM and like many steps had taken to weaken dis article ,,cover the story fully ,half story doesn’t acpt any1

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      Do you even study history text book Nadeem ? You should know that establishment of title was carried out not only in j&k but whole of India. Second to have 2 P.M in one country is not logical and when all the other Indian state have C.M then Why Kahsmir should have a P.M? We have presented the full story but you are able to see only half of it. Read more about the history of place from where you belong and you would know the truth. If you lack websites/books then we can help you out.

    • Chandra Sekhar says:

      all these obsolete articles like 35a, 370, and any other bullshit articles should be scrapped right away. the separatists should be thrown in the dungeons and the stone pelters should be sent back to pakistan. then everything will be all right.

  15. Purushottam says:

    what Jawaharlal Nehru did in the past is now history.It has both good and bad aspects.
    The big challenge of our and coming generations is to maintain harmony in the society. Only then we succeed to develop the nation.
    One more thing, Nehru can’t be the role model of my generation. Instead Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Mr Narendra Modi are the role models of millions of the youths of the country.

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      Its not about Modi or Kalam, its about taking right decision at right time keeping aside personal interests. Nehru was a learned man, educated in London but for the sake of friendship he ruined the advantage that we Indian had. Also looking forward is what we Indians have to do but can’t we know about our past?

      • Faisalabadi says:

        what really imsesperd me here is your writing style brings in india’s sovereign prestige pulled into the dirty show of incompatible misfitting incredible annoying comparison. you firework reaches its blast in that line . minu

  16. Abhishek Das says:

    Im waiting for the day when our country India will be declared as a Hindu Country. Hindu hai hum watan hai Hindustaan hamara. Pakistan and Bangladesh are Muslim countries so why India will be a secular country???

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      Abhishek, its not a matter of Hindu country of Muslim country. Its about leaving in peace and harmony. There are many countries in world which are secular and they are developing. The issue to be taken care is that we should stop the appeasement of any such thing that is Anti-National and if religion is preaching any ant-national teaching then its should be condemned unanimously. You have give example of two countries that are purely based on religion and if you compare them with India they will stand no-where why? because we are secular in true way and that is the reason of our success. What if we declare India for Hindus and end up like Middle East countries or Bangladesh/Pakistan.

      • Mrinal says:

        Yes indeed the only right thing for India at this point of time is to remain secular but you also have to compare(if at all you want to) India to other countries especially those European countries who are far more peaceful and developed than our own land is and even if they promote secularism they tend to impose some strict rules against non- Christians. But as I said this is what makes India different from others and is thus called great for all the rich cultural, regional, linguistic,traditional, rituals, unity, harmony and other different spheres of life that together we Indians posses

    • Ashu says:

      Then we will fight in the name of caste 🙂 …. Don’t solve the wrong problem friend.. We need to live in harmony… And win!

      • Knowledge of India Team says:

        @Ashu, that totally depends on us. If we want to live fighting each other then someone else would take advantage of us and if we are united then kisi ki “aap samaj gaye honey”.

  17. jeeani says:

    I think jammu and kashmir is a big broblem between India and Pakistan and it is a fact that Kashmiri issue indulge the development of India by the fact that huge budget goes on military related issues so I think the issue should be resolved by ignoring to frame the blames on any one

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      Good point by you Mr. Jeelani. We should understand that huge amount of money gets wasted on keeping peace in the region which can be used for better cause. All we need is better understanding and supporting nature. Keep aside the issues of Hindu/Muslim, India/Pakistan, Good/Bad and help the government in developing the region. We have seen 60 years of unrest in area can’t we give 10n years for development and see the difference. Nothing have ever achieved of war except loss of live and grief. We are glad the some person are there who look at positive side of line and we need more people like you.

  18. Indian says:

    Pakistani supporters & jihaadi who r against the india get out….you r such asshole!

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      @Indian who you are we don’t know but you are defaming the name of Great Nation by using abusive words. We would suggest you please use valid point to prove yourself rather than shouting in the name of mother and sister.

      • dxman says:

        dont worry admin, it is easy to identify an indian, an indian will only start from abuses and end his/her discussion with abuses. :p

        • Amol says:

          Trouble has been brewing for eletis and people in power since the last four years.First,the financial system as we know it collapsed.Economic recession followed the Financial collapse in both the developed and developing world.Political consequnces are starting to follow the economic hardships…A unique set of circumstances and revelations through wikileaks and others have reduced public confidence of people in power to an all time low.Not sure why you have pointed out only J&K and North East as flash points? J&K can flare up for sure…But did we not see people on the streets post 26/11? Is the Govt not in scam-crisis? Amongst big nations,India and China have potential to go the Egypt way,especially India.Is Obama not a lame duck President?Its not without reason Ive warned of a constitutional crisis(emergency imposition) in Mid-Year in India after TN elections.Its also around this time that the 2G scam would start reaching the ivy tower residents so would issues like Food inflation with Chinese crop failures reach its fruition.Interesting times are ahead…

  19. Indian says:

    @ Nadeem, @Harun, @Abdul zargar

    Khaata hai hindusthaan Ki aaur baate krta hai paakistaan Ki….
    Aukaad hai kyaa tumhari

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      We are not here to calculate the “aukaad’ of any one. Remember the only solution to current issue is support to Indian government & follow the path of development. Follow the other path and next camp of Osama/Taliban would be in Valley and this time Indian Army would not be doing anything rather than U.S army would be killing people and no one will blame them. Example is in front of everyone.

  20. ahmed says:

    U r a real lier and who says u r educated or any historian. it’s foolish to discuss reality with illiterates. life is just humanity and truth, be a human then know whats truth and sacrifice for truth.

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      Oh… and how you get to know that we are liars and un-educated? Do you have a Magic Wand or machine that give you idea ? We don’t think Aliens are interested in discussing issue of Kashmir and since we Indians are most effected by this and therefore we are discussing about this. You are also welcome if you have some viild point.

  21. S m pandit says:

    It would have been better to enlist the names of the team consisting of knowledgeoff dis.com to ascertain credentials of the website.

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      Thanks for giving value to our website Mr. Pandit. At present we are few in number working hard to provide helpful information. We have seen many website that talk nonsense and exploit intelligent Indian mind so we came up with this idea of Informative blog. We are glad that people are liking it and it gives us inspiration to do better.

  22. Owais says:

    We Kashmiri’s don’t want to stay with india . india illegaly captured kashmir we hate India. GO INDIA GO BACK FROM PARADISE

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      Kashmir is not paradise until people like you are there who plot against the country who helped to flourish the valley. You people are backstabber who live on the funds and facilities provided by Indian government but sing song praising Pakistan who in 1947b sent invaders to kill the people of Kashmir

    • Amit says:

      Illeterate dude this has remained PARADISE because it has been a part of India. See what has happened to SWAT valley in Pakistan. I really pitty your limited thinking.

    • indian occupied j and k says:

      We want freedom.
      From indian occupation .
      One slogan one track.
      Go india go back.

  23. psnaidu says:

    The Gandhi Nehru combine have spoiled the nation through their misjudgement and misrule have spoiled the country from progress. During Independence the country was not secular. It was later declared so by miscalculations of the then rulers.
    10 year old countries like south Korea have developed much faster. The growth rate of INDIA was slow comparitively.

    • indian occupied j and k says:

      Now Modi is nurishing india.
      In next 4 -5 years india will give birth to 25 countries.
      And delhi will be termed as the great India.

  24. Sajad says:

    From the above comments one comnt irritated me the most as some one mentioned above that modi is our role model. He s d mastermind of gujrat riots,he should have been in jail or should have been hanged til death.if such a mas murderer who s so much intolerant to religions espicaly Islam is d head of any state then u can imagine how his followers will be…

  25. Knowledge of India Team says:

    Sajad how Modi fits here? How Gujrat fits here? You are diverting the issue and topic. This is not Times Now or some bloody Indian news channel where we can play blame game. We have tried to bring the facts before the people of India. We respect Nehru as a Prime Minister of Country but this is one area where he failed terribly and that why we wrote. DOn’t bring Modi, Sonia, Gujrat, Assam and idiotic topics here

    • Indian says:

      Dear all I would like to bring into your notice few things. It is the Kashmiri Muslims who has to decide their fate. They themselves do not want to come out of this murky environment. There are few of them who know in which they are safe and can express themselves. They should see the condition of POK, where the support from Pakistan government was dismal during floods and other natural calamities. Even the slogans were raised by people of POK against the PM of Pakistan. Even the people of POK have the feeling and sense that would have been better off, if the would have been on the Indian side of Kashmir. If the Muslims of Kashmir cannot foresee the nefarious designs of Pakistan, it is teir bad luck.

      • indian occupied j and k says:

        And what abt u.
        U r looting our atural resources.
        If kashmir shuts off power suply to indian.
        Threy will die with heat.and cold….. will die like ……….

    • sunil says:

      What if certain group of people have a faith in FATALISTIC PHILOSOPHY ????

  26. Malik Mehraj Khalid says:

    India is heading towards disintegration… So, all these 10 points carry no weight even if an iota of this article is correct

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      Ha ha India is heading towards disintegration? Kaha se khabar latey hai ? Koi bana gaya hai aapka Mr Malik. India ka to phir bhi kuchh future dikhta hai, per aapke future pe phir bhi doubt hai. and thanks that you find “something” correct in this article, though we can assure you this article is 100% correct per jis tarah class 1st ke bachhey ko sin and cos samaj nahi aata usi tarah aapko ye samaj nahi aa raha. Per sin or cos dono hi sahi hotey hai bus bachhey ko 1st se 10th me aana hota hai. Khuda karey aap jaldi class 10th pe pauch jaye….Bye.

    • Chandra Sekhar says:

      Keep daydreaming. India is the fastest developing country in the world. the future of paki and kashmirs is at the feet of India.

  27. Malik Mehraj Khalid says:

    India is heading towards disintegration… So, all these 10 points carry no weight even if an iota of this article is correct

  28. ramesh says:

    I don’t understand why Bhakts are try to manipulate the fact of Nehruvian era . You focused on Khasmir issue with simple aim to criticize Nehru. If u criticize nehru on Khasmir have u ever tried to applaud his contribution towards Indian Freedom and post freedom , he was pioneer of industrial development (almost all the Iron and steel plants were set up during his tenure) and that too without much fiscal issue . India has given probably only one revenue surplus budget in its History and that was in 1959. So criticize him for his wrong doing but also give him the credit that he deserves. Do u know why he refrained from attacking pok in 1948? Just think USA or USSR would have attacked India with the excuse of saving Pakistan and we would have lost the precious freedom that we got . So think logically any escalation in 1948 would have led a foreign power to intervene (using military ) . Look what happened to Syria and Iraq once its internal issue was escalated.

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      Mr Ramesh, please don’t change the topic. If Some one has done great dosen’t give him power that he won’t be criticized. Aapka logic hi Salman Khan ke fan use kartey hai. To kya hua usney 6 logo pe gaadi chdha di wo “Being Human” se logo ki madad bhi to karta hai. Does this logic give Salman that he can’t be convicted in court? No. If Modi/Kejriwal/Lalu/Amma/Didi is doing something good then it doesn’t give them immunity that they can’t be criticized.

    • kalpan desai says:

      Ramesh Babu ! where did you get your facts from ?? which iron & steel plants are you referring to ?? the ones set up by JN TATA in Sakchi village which later went on to be called Jamshedpur or the 6 steel plants owned by SAIL (Steel authority of India Ltd) and what contribution did Nehru have in freedom movement or independence struggle ?? even his mentor MK Gandhi did not demand for complete independence (Purna swaraj) did not come up till people like Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqullah and other Krantikaris did not give the call for it. Gandhi anyways was a leader or a statesman who, not Indians wanted but Britishers let us have, so that things remained in their control all the time, Gandhi gave the slogan ‘Ahimsa Paramo Dharma’ which is again a big lie as it is incomplete the full slogan reads ‘Ahimsa Paramo Dharma… Dharma Himsa Tathaivicha’ which means ” Non violence is the ultimate dharma, so too is violence in restoration of dharma” So what happened then ? Ramesh ji ?? why was the latter half of the sloka missed ?? Is this not Adharma ?? I am not trying to under mine what Gandhi did, but its not as glorious as we make it to be, especially the acts of Nehru, the spoilt Aiyyaash!! brat politician who loved sleeping with white woman, who never let India take the right direction at crucial junctures in modern historical times post independence, i could just go on writing but you should also know, Gandhi liked Mr. Jiinah more than Nehru, he was far better more able administrator than Nehru, not to say he did not have his share of hypocrisy, Arabs and Moghuls came to India and then so many atrocities, brutalities, loot and conversions, 1st division of this great country happened in 1947 and that will be the last. Your examples of Syria and Iraq are far fetched and i dont think it makes sense comparing the geo political situation now with the times back then, anyways these countries have invaded for different reasons, how is it relevant with the issue of kashmir being invaded by Pakis back then and us not being able to take it back ?

      • h.m.dhebar says:

        Fact of the matter is it was Nehru who sat on the PM’s chair and that also for so many years. Lowest common factor amongst all is we are all human beings. In spite of being common, even lower than common as some people are wont to say, Nehru has had his destiny to be where he was. Mrs. Gandhi for instance had a much distinctive authoritarian and perhaps wily nature yet the façade she had in front of the people made her immortal, grudge as you may like. Both father, daughter, and later son, daughter-in-law etc. etc. sequence simply were/ are there to play their roles, whether they themselves liked them or whether the public liked them. They have had their stars set out for that.
        Second point is there are two things that British left behind. One is the whole stretch of a nation. Had they not been there, India would have been some areas of Moghals here, Sultans there, Marathas here. Chances of it to be in once piece would have been remote. What do you mean by “1st division of this great country’? India is divided into as many parts as its languages. It was the binding force of English that seemingly gave it a single dimension and that binding force is what is being used to put all other more legitimate, deserving identities aside and make us come out of it as even more insensitive and possessive than the British themselves.
        The insensitive baser nature got vent to through the second thing that the British offered: democracy. Before democracy people like you and me, the proletariat, common citizens must have had right to dream as they like but it was only the royals, chieftains, etc. had work cut out for them to turn dreams into reality. Problem now with the democracy is that any common man can rally round with other common men and work for the cause to, as in this case to ‘annex’ Kashmir. Democracy turns out an extremely powerful tool which can get the baser insensitive instinct of an average person shape life and destiny, as it has been happening in this case, of unfortunate Kashmir. Bringing in the caste-based philosophy into picture again, which means minding our own as they mind their own, you are more of the kind you are supposed to be. Keeping India as a single political entity, which has had is hiccup in the form of Partition and this perpetual tug of war of Kashmir, and trampling over of regional values, we as individual human beings are passing through a worst phase of history which perhaps needs a divine intervention to pass it over.
        Aurangzeb was named a most tyrannous of rulers recently by un-naming him from a road name at Delhi. Had his scorched path of 50 odd years on being an HOD of this part of the world not have a divine sanction? In the same way didn’t Nehru have a divine sanction in spite of whosoever he was? Don’t we see a hidden hand of spirit behind it all? Fact of the matter is we do not believe in the spirit behind anything, believe in God behind anything. A sick man can survive into nineties, a hale and hearty says bye by sixty. Kashmir if left alone would not it chalk out its own destiny? It’s God’s business to provide. So distrust we have of Almighty in that we need to pool together in order that we survive. Hinduism gets a bad name there. Spirit of God, spirit of adventure, spirit of being different, spirit of being of Kolkata on one side, Calcutta on the other, spirit in being in love with the spirit of India as is supposed to be, has simply no place amongst our no. one materialism enabled society.
        Hale and hearty time to all!

  29. Well,there is no use in crying over split milk.Modi should order an all out attack on Pakisthan(a surprise attack) Take over the POK & declare ceasefire. Any peace conference do not yield any territory,hold on.come what may> Negotiate with china to keep quiet by handing over Aksaichin.

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      The way you have provided the solution it seems that you just came after watching some fancy movie of James Bond. Attack? Don you know how much calculating the attack causes? You would be living here commenting was attack right or not but thousands would have lost their life and billions of rupees wasted. The best way is to settle the terms with peace and talk. And about these separatists leaders? Jiase Gilani Miya abhi passport pe Indian likhney ko majboor huey baki log bhi Zid chod dengey. Treat them like child they will put those things in mouth that is poisonous and dangerous (child behavior) and cry while drinking milk.

  30. rana says:

    If one study the history book of Pakistan then he will find that Kashmir came to India only because Jahar Lal Nehru was born in kashmir and he wanted his birth place to get in India . So….who is correct ?

  31. rana says:

    If one study the history book of Pakistan then he will find that Kashmir came to India only because Jahar Lal Nehru was born in kashmir and he wanted his birth place to get in India . So….who is correct ? pls clarify

  32. parikh ca says:


  33. vijay says:

    Look at a term French coined about Syria. “useful Syria”. In a mountainous region it is easy to defend. Indian army captured the useful Kashmir area, basically Shrinagar and surrounding area. Capturing more area would have cost many army lives. Also even with useful Kashmir area with India, Kashmir is a economic drag on India. Natures beauty and lakes are not sufficient for economic development. How do you supply food stuff, petrol, electricity, transportation, roads to a mountainous region? Are there industries, agriculture, natural resources in Kashmir to justify expenses on the infrastructure in Kashmir. Kashmir has a low level war and its good for Army. It gives them practice and training opportunities and officers get a chance to make some money such as combat pay and cut from suppliers to army. Political parties can divert people’s attention from important issues to emotional Kashmir issue. The Khalistan issue was solved brutally and Kashmir issue can be solved brutally but Punjab is economically important and Kashmir is not. So it is not in anybody’s interest to solve the Kashmir issue.

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      @Sir Vijay, from where you drew this conclusion that Punjab is more important than Kashmir? First the territory whether important or not is a part of our Mother Land. Already in the name of religion and Muslim appeasement we have Pakistan and Bangladesh and look what they are doing. Money can be earned from anything and if you see the example of Paris it is world’s most popular tourist destination and it helps in economic development. Second Kashmir is more important than Punjab you ask why? At Kashmir India border meets with border of Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and other countries are not too far from that. Having Kashmir in control will ensure we can keep an eye on all these. The famous “Silk Route” passes through this area and it is very important in terms of trade.

      • Anand Mohan says:

        Hi everyone. We are only discussing the wrong points done my our 1st PM. That means we are here to criticize someone.
        We should also come up with ideas to improve the condition of our own Heaven on Earth.

        • Knowledge of India team says:

          We can continue on building future of Our Nation and also we can discuss the mistakes that we committed in past and learn from that. Also if we have brought some point then these points are not fairy tale, these are based on some facts and we should learn from these mistakes.

  34. Raj Kulkarni says:

    This article based on inferences, rather than the facts on record. The existence of princely state should have seen in different perpective,morover draft of instrument of accession was same for all princely state which confer powers of Defence, External affairns, Transport to Central power only. The other powers remained with the state as per federal stracture. So making constituion was the issue within powers of states. Abdullah was leader of people, Harisingh was feudal, Nehru rightly favoured to be with Shaikh Abdulla like he souported Ramanand Tirth in Hyderabad.

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      @Raj, how come you concluded that this article is not based on facts? The existence of princely state was was treated in separate manner and not only J & K but other states were allowed to make their own constitution. If every other state made their own constitution then how come we face issue only in Jammu & Kashmir today? Reason is that the hidden and unconstitutional article 35A that gave enormous power to the state. And for your information if he rightly favored Abdullah then why he arrested him in 1953 dear?

  35. charan says:

    Neharu is one waste fellow, because of india faling under developing countries, and he and Gandhi were the first corupter of the india, because of Gandhi he became first PL Or else Sarder Patel would become First PL of India.

  36. D P Puri says:

    Nehru has done so many blunders and harmed the nation that he can not be pardoned.Due to his misdeeds,the country is struggling with JK issue which has created so many problems specially for the army.

    • Knowledge of India Team says:

      Nehru did many great things for nation but he failed terribly when it comes to the issue of Kashmir. Indian army is portrayed as villain and several of our soldiers lost their life’s while defending Indian borders and people of Kashmir. A vast chunk of defense budget is allocated to the state of Jammu and Kashmir why ? because our predecessor has committed mistake just for the shake of friendship.

  37. anuj says:

    I can’t understand why these separitists want Kashmir to be part of Pak. See the condition of that counter. Its highly unstable terrorist supporting nation .

    These betrayers shld be shot dead
    Anyways Nehru was d worst thing to happen for India . and we still celebrate chcha nehrus b day . Wtf

  38. Knowledge of India Team says:

    Yes Anuj that is the sad part of the story that in-spite of helping the valley to flourish, protecting them from the paid terrorists of Pakistan, and building infrastructure the people of Valley want a free country. Either they don’t know the geography of their homeland or history that once India removes his support (though it will never do) there will be no Kashmiri race on this planet either they would be under China (Condition of Tibet) or Pakistan (Fighting for shia Sunni and terrorism).

  39. andy says:

    Guys, Nehru was Kashmiri. He always had a soft corner for Kashmir. I think the best solution will be to give the Kashmir to Pakistan as the separatist are asking, but then on one condition. Separatist should return all the money invested by India on J&K since 1948 till now with just 1% interest. 2nd, they need to prove that J&K was purely muslim going back 1200 yrs in the past, because going with that even Pakistan is not a muslim country as it was not muslim majority area even 500 yrs back.

    I think we should really conduct a simple election in J&K to see if the current population along with all the kashmiri pandit who are not in kashmir really want independent nation of j&k or stay with India or Pakistan, given that Pakistan does the same in POK, Balochistan, KP, SWAT, Sindh area.

    • Knowledge of India team says:

      Few points are to be amended here. Why India should give Kashmir? Just because few people are shouting ? The same non-sense and shouting caused India a partition in 1947 and I don’t think we should commit the same mistake. Second many of our brave soldiers died saving this part of land and now if we simply gave it then it would be insult to bravery of all those martyr. And about money forget about Interest no one can return 50% of money that India invested. We don’t want the discussion to go in religious bases so We are not going to comment on it. Also don’t ever expect any kindness from Pakistan as they are only interested in terrorist activity.

  40. H.M.Dhebar says:

    Nice attempt to initiate dialog across cross section of society. I see it as an invading nation ruing the fact that it could have had it better, more effective in its ruthlessness had this or other mistake wasn’t done in the strategy played out. The relation unfailingly is of the invader and the invaded. As you point out no point in distraction of what Nehru did elsewhere, to mar this argument, in same way it could be said no distraction in the form of aid given, lollipops given can rub away the right of self propelled ingenuity. Democracy means to the people, by the people, for the people. In what way this applies to Kashmir? Any normal mind of sufficient sensibility would be losing sleep on what exits in Kashmir is a gun point dictatorship. India is a cauldron of sin, brimful and spilling over, which the sinners have an uncanny way to keep it out of their consciousness.
    In fact the criminal minds see crooked as straight, straight as crooked. We see Nehru as a culprit. Actually you are blaming him for being overly circumspect and laden with moral constraints. In actual fact the illegal, immoral aspects of the carriages that followed Nehru that owe to the present state of affairs. Indira Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi’s father, Jagmohan are the one to finally lead to expulsion of the Pandits from the valley thereby putting irrevocable end to its allegiance to India but for British trained grip of the Indian Army.
    In what way we not stand with criminal minds? British had 500 odd princely states, plethora of languages, apparels, food, races to appreciate. We have reduced all that to pursue a course of one nation, one race, one language, one religion to have absolute upper hand. We are prone to say go away to Pakistan, if you do not want our ways, but in what right we have Pakistan a disposable place, rest of the world a disposable place? On one side we are clutching on to Kashmir, saying that it is perfectly legal thing to do, on the other side Lahore, Peshawar simply don’t count. They may fry, cook the remnants of Hindus there for breakfast we do not care. They are no longer legally ours. We are extremely law abiding citizens, you see.
    British had a lot of decentralizing mind set. We have had an unpolluted materialistic mindset of consolidating of assets kind. Just an iota of spiritualism would have led us to India the way it was supposed to be. But that is expecting too much of the slaves. 7.40, 26-09-2015
    Asking more more and more of this crazy stuff? Then… http://be-your-own-tag.blogspot.in/2012/10/discrete-philosophy-man-is.html etc. etc. ThanksALot.

  41. Subesh Kumar says:

    The only solution is to abolished 370 or to stop any central funding to KASHMIR. If Kashmiri Pandit can be forced outside why can’t we forced Kashmiri militants. Stop tourism temporarily till the ARMY’S make it safe for visiting Indian in Kashmir

    • Knowledge of India team says:

      The Solution provided by you is a dangerous one. If you will stop the funding then it will affect the innocent citizens and they will be effected and they are not the one who demands free Nation. The free nation theory is drafted by few supported by China and Pakistan and they are misleading innocent Kashmiri Youth. It better to arrest those anti-social elements and then try to make Kashmir the beauty for which it was known .

  42. Jagadish Hiremath says:

    What we really need is to stop cast based reservation. Political parties especially the Congress nurturing it for vote banks. Reservation should be on economic status @ uniform civil code implementation is need of the hour.

    • Knowledge of India team says:

      You are mixing one issue with another ..like Kashmiri people are doing. We were here to discuss the mistakes of P.M but all they are crying is Free nation…

  43. SHIVKUMAR says:

    We have to include many more mistakes by Mr.Nehru–
    11) Creation of Linguistic states.
    12) Leaving natural resources like rivers in the hands of states.
    13) Foolishly trusting China and then getting into unwinnable war with China.
    14) Never had the intention of connecting all the national rivers.
    15) Making Education a state subject.
    16) Due to insecurity and arrogance, he ignored many patriots and honest leaders like Bose, Patel, Rajaji, J.P.Narayan and many more giants.
    17) Antagonized USA for personal reasons and cozied unto USSR and its outdated technologies and ideologies.
    These are major mistakes I can readily think of.
    The greatest contribution by him, apart from getting bloodied independence from Britain, was creating giant public sector giants like Steel Plants, Fertilizer plants, huge dams though with rejected technologies. Shivkumar.

  44. irshad ahmad says:

    well….this is all a creative skill…..and plz mind we are never Indian nor Pakistani but we are only Kashmiri…..lol IOK….day dream duffers .

    • Knowledge of India team says:

      Great… Finally we found an intelligent Kashmiri Youth. Go ahead and have a nice feature. May God give you commonsense.

  45. Mridul says:

    I only know that India created pakistan and Kashmir is all the time demanded by pakistan

  46. adhir biswas says:

    JN has done many more damages to India and Indians. !) he connived with Gandhi to separate Netaji Subhas from mainland politics. 2) he did not take any initiative to stop Shurawardy (the provisional PM of undivided Bengal) from slaughtering Bealgalee Hindus but supported his Govt thus depriving the “Kishan Sabha and Dr. Shyama Prasad’s” govt to come i nto power. Shurawardy had silently separated the Muslim community in Bengal from Congress hold. 3) Nehru and Gandhi and their stooges had given Bengal and Punjab on a platter to Pakistan, had Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee not fiercely opposed the heinous”presentation” of Nehru-Gandhi to Jinnah (Pakistan) we Bengali and Punjabi Hindus and Sikhs would not have this curtailed/demarcated portion of home land called West Bengal and East Punjab. 4) his Tibbet policy was fatal one for Tibetans and India and was his China Policy (Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai). he deliberately denied the apex membership of UNO (with veto power) but advocated this for China’s favour, our succeding Govts are trying for this now though with no hope. 5) His Kashmir handling was the most foolish academically and practically, that separate Presidentship and PM ship, Judicial system and blatant article 370; the nation won’t forgive him for. His aggression to topple the Communist in Kerala with the help of Muslim League was another blatant tryst. His Refugee handling after henious partition, particularly Bengal was a disaster; see the plight of East Bengal refugees on the rail lines, foot path, in Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura. there are many more — yeah hius so dear “Non-Alignment” movement where is it now?????

  47. sateesh says:

    All the people who are against India then get out of India. you are not having any right to live in India. All the Indians must support for India for developing the country.

  48. Ratu Das says:

    It is absolutely correct that the people who are living in India,getting benefit from our country but against this country,betraying this country and its people should leave India and government shoud take necessary & sufficient steps against them.

  49. Abhijit says:

    We all know how big idiot Nehru was,he compromised national interest for personal gains many times…he was a big chamcha of Britishers

  50. Thakur says:

    @Raj Kulkarni hold yourself before calling Hari Singhji a fuedal….it speaks volume of your ignorance…my request to muslim brethren to be wary of such people….good at dividing people in the name of religion..no violence during Hari Singhs reign

  51. Ruby says:

    I want to know more about Nehru family bt we can’t why, when we read In school from childhood,, why we have no knowledge of Gangadher’s father.. For Father’s why?? Was all written on WIKIPEDIA’S page right?? We have to think………

  52. I want to know that is mr.neheru is the only person responsible for this????even today errespective of any political party…politician raising divider rules in the basis of caste religion & economic condition of the population..i think we means every indian needs to change thair mind set based on thair own analytical capabilities not by the political leaders or media.then the issue can be solved…

  53. kumar says:

    One more thing I see and meet many kashmiri (they r easily judged by their complexion and stink as they don’t not bath for weeks)in a large number in delhi ,mumbai and other big cities who r doing study ..even in small cities who r industralised u cn c kashmiri working I have asked but they say they hate Pakistan and r indians..do they speak differently in kashmir or I think there z a group of extermist cos common inhabitants thinks he z indian…
    They always tell about kashmir “Gar firdaus bar rue zami ast. Hami asto…”this stanza was composed by amir khusro a hindvi and persion poet to praise motherland not any particular region.no fact found that he ever visted kashmir which was a hindu kingdom then.

    • SM Shah says:

      You are right muslims dont take bath for days together, but kashmiri pundits , I remember used to take daily bath by exposing their robe sleeve to sun. If you want confirmation ask your elders.

  54. Rudra Singh RANA says:

    It is matter of concern that due to big mistakes committed by our late first prime minister of India, our country is facing critical situation as on today.Our new generation will never forgive Pt Nehru for this big mistake.

  55. भक्तों का पप्पा says:

    सरदार पटेल ने नेहरू की अनुपस्तिथि में शेख अब्दुल्ला से अयंगर को 370 पे अनुमति दी थी। प्रूफ चाहिए था न, पढ़ लो

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