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I hope you liked my work and you are visiting this page for adding something creative to the trillions of webpages existing on the Internet. As the blog name suggests, the primary domain is India, and I tend to explore the hidden gems of this beautiful country. My blog not only deals in Travel but also about various amazing facts and information about India. I seldom cover topics related to the betterment of this beautiful planet and indirectly about India. You will find different types of the article dealing in Travel, Information, and concerns, and this is the primary niche in which I deal or to say I love to write. In the last four years of my blogging, I have covered multiple topics on them and plans to do in the future. For me, Travel is not only a path to escape the daily rush life of Metro Cities or the monotonous life of 9 to 5 job but a gateway to enhance your knowledge, to know more about the planet and what it offers to every individual. When I started this blog, I wrote an article on “Places on India, which lies on the International border.” I came up with the article after a lot of research and surfing wiki pages. But since then, I have added nearly ten more places in the same article. The credit for this expansion goes to travel, had I never visited those places the list would have a lot shorter than you can see presently. The above is one of the many examples of how traveling broadens your knowledge and makes you feel how less you know about the country and planet you are living.

Coming back to the agenda, I would love to accept articles and information which can contribute to this blog and make it more appealing to the readers. If you think you have something worth to share, do let me know via email, comments, or message, and we will figure out what can be done next. If you like my work and need me for any of your projects, I would love to help you out. In case of any collaborations I am available at the following platform:

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