A Bike Trip To Tamhini Ghat in Western Ghats of India

The geography of India is very diverse and one of the gems in its diversity is The Western Ghats. The Western Ghats of Indian runs from Gujrat to Tamil Nadu and is very rich in different species of flora and fauna. The Western Ghats of India is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is also one of the eight “hottest hotspots” of biological diversity in the world. I have covered the Western Ghats of India in my previous article on the geography of India. A place visited gives more real insight than the one read, and I experienced the same when I visited one of the gems situated in the same geographical region.

Last year I had to visit Pune City for some personal work and the city lies in the same geographical belt of Western Ghats. It is bestowed with the maritime type of climate and abundant gifts of nature like Mangalore and Bangalore in the same belt. The day I booked my flight I started searching a few places that lie in the vicinity of Pune City and offer scenic beauty. Initially my college junior suggested to me Devkund Waterfall trek, but it was closed due to some reason and finally, I came up with Tamhini Ghat & Mahabaleshwar. We decided to go to Tamhini Ghat first as it is only 60km from the place I was staying in and was easily accessible. In this article, I will be sharing my bike trip to Tamhini Ghat, which is the best time to visit Tamhini Ghat.  I hope my article would be useful and can help future travelers in planning their trip to Tamhini Ghat.

Why Plan a Trip to Tamhini Ghat?

There are many reasons for going to Tamhini Ghat but the most important reason is its easy accessibility from Pune City. After a moderate ride of 2hours, you can reach to this beautiful location. For me and my junior, it only took 90 minutes (excluding lunch break). When we left Pune City, the temperature was humid with the mercury hitting nearly 35. When we reached Bhugaon, it started raining and by the time we reached Paud, we were amazed by the weather the location was offering. By the time we reached Mulshi Road near Mulshi Dam, the temperature was around 20-25. So, the second most obvious reason to visit Tamhini Ghat is for its amazing weather. The third reason is much obvious which attracts any nature lover, i.e. it is away from the regular rush of metropolitan cities like Pune. There are few resorts and hotels available, but the real joy is eating Maggie with a cup of tea once you have explored the place.

My Bike Trip to Tamhini Ghat

After finishing my work on Friday (Yes, I took a day leave from the office), we started around 11 in the morning for Tamhini Ghat. Once we crossed the Pune City, we stopped for lunch break, I ordered the famous Vada Pav of Maharashtra along with Sabudana Khichdi while my junior preferred a light meal going with Lassi and Dosa. After lunch, we resumed our journey with 2-3 photography breaks. When we reached Bhugaon, it started raining and we again took a tea break. We reached Mulshi road around 1:30 PM, by that time there was no sign of sunlight and the only thing left for experiencing was the soothing wind with the greenest patch of greenery I ever viewed in my life. Since I was new to the place I asked a few locals about the place. They informed that the Tamhini Ghat extends from Mulshi Dam and runs up to Orchard Café. Though the road is not in good shape as there are a lot of potholes still, the deteriorated conditions of the road can be ignored for the view it offers. After riding nearly 10Km from Paud Village, Mulshi Dam reservoir was visible, and we were already sure this trip is going to be a memorable one.

What to Do In Tamhini Ghat

Tamhini Ghat can be understood as a rural area with nature’s blessing on it. I read somewhere that the area is 5th wettest place in India and first in Maharashtra. We were lucky that the day we visited the Ghat, it rained lightly so we witnessed the beauty of Ghats in rains. The best time to visit the Ghat is at the end of monsoons and luckily my trip coincided with the same. Primarily the area is famous for its natural beauty but to give a fair idea, places to see in Tamhini Ghat can be divided into:

  1. Tamhini Ghat Area
  2. Mulshi Dam Lake
  3. Mulshi Dam
  4. Tamhini Ghat Waterfall
  5. Tamhini Ghat View Point
  6. Devkund Waterfall
View of The Western Ghats from Top of Tamhini Ghat. The lush green ghats with foggy weather is an ideal place for travellers.
View of The Western Ghats from Top of Tamhini Ghat. The lush green ghats with foggy weather is an ideal place for travelers.

A bike ride on this narrow stretch road is a long memory. After reaching the Ghat we decided to ride until the end of the road. The road was good initially but started deteriorating, yet riding was fun (I have seen many worst roads in my life including Sach Pass and Pangong Tso to Tso Moriri Road). After nearly a 30 minute of ride and equivalent photography break, we saw a road leading to some forest reserve/ashram situated on the Ghats and we turned our bikes in the same direction. After nearly a ride of 7-8 kilometers, we witnessed another beauty of the Ghat when we reached the top of the valley. From there the Ghat looked like the Grand Canyon of USA but filled with greenery. 

I saw a group of cyclists paddling their way to the same route and enjoying the beauty of Ghat. We rode to the last point where we were able to find the road and then planned to return. We stopped for a Maggie and tea break and low temperature with recent rains has already increased the importance of the trip. There are many shops and restaurants, but the fun of eating on the roadside can’t be explained in words. It also provides a livelihood to local people. On our return journey, we stopped around the Mulshi Dam lake and the lake was looking fabulous in low light. We again stopped for clicking a few more photographs and preserving the memories. Finally, we bid farewell as it was getting dark and we didn’t want to ride in the dark on those roads. By the time we reached Pune City, it started raining heavily and we thanked each other for leaving the Ghats at the right time.

My Verdict on Tamhini Ghat

Since it was my first ride to any place located in the Western Ghats, I was really amazed by the beauty of the place. What I found more interesting was the easy accessibility from Pune City. I mean for people living in Delhi the nearest best options are Rishikesh (250), Nainital(260Km), Shimla(300+km), and here we found a perfect place for hangout just after riding 60Km! It’s not only the Tamhini Ghat, but there are also many more great places in Pune which can be visited after riding less than 150Km. Coming back to the point, for me, it is a must-visit place for anyone traveling to Pune and there is no harm in a repeated trip to this same place. A bike ride from Pune to Tamhini is something you will cherish for your lifetime. If your trip coincides with the rain, you can witness some great waterfalls alongside the road and from the hills. The entire drive is around 50Km (both sides) but the beauty can’t be described in words. I have added a few photos of the trip while describing my trip but they too don’t justify the reality.  As per locals, the place remains appealing even in winters, but I haven’t seen that (I hope so in future). So take your bike, carry INR 700 and witness one of the greatest offerings of nature in Tamhini Ghat. Let me know via comments about this place and drop me a message/mail-in case any additional info about this place is required. Stay safe, Ride full. Cheers……

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