Day Sixteen In North East India And A Bike Ride From Reiek To Thenzawl

After spending a fantastic day in Reiek and making some new friends in Mizoram, it was time for me to say goodbye to this beautiful town. Reiek made an impression which I knew was going to last long in my memory. When you visit a state for the first time and witness something extraordinary, it creates an impression of the entire state. Reiek played the same role as Wei-Saw-Dong Waterfall when I visited Meghalaya. It increased my anticipation of viewing more of nature’s creation. Once I completed my trek in Reiek, it was time to ride to my next destination in Mizoram, i.e., Thenzawl. I planned to start from Reiek and reach Thenzawl by evening, thereby visiting the places en-route. Between Reike and Thenzawl, I planned to visit some famous sites and tourist destinations in Mizoram. I had already made the reservation at the Mizoram Government Tourist Lodge in Thenzawl, and all I had to do was to start riding for my next destination. This article would focus on my ride from Reiek to Thenzawl and how I explored the places en-route. I hope this article would be informative as my previous post on my Ride to North-East India. 

The Route I Followed On My Ride From Reiek To Thenzawl 

As mentioned above, my ride was from Reiek to Thenzawl, and the route was as simple as it could be. I planned to ride from Reiek to Aizwal city and, upon reaching the town, take the by-pass and merge into the Aizwal-Lunglei Road. Thenzawl lies 120 kilometers from Reiek and 80 kilometers from Lunglei on the Aizwal-Lunglei road. The route I followed was: Reiek-> Tlangnuam (Aizwal City)-> Falkawn-> S.Maubuang-> Hmuifang-> Sialsuk-> Thenzawl. The route is an easier one, and google maps suggested 4 hours to complete the 120 kilometers of the distance. I assumed that the condition is going to be good as the map suggested 5 hours for100 kilometers when I rode from Haflong to Silchar. Since I had already explored the important places to visit in Aizwal City, I had nothing more to explore in Aizwal. I planned to ride through the outskirts of the city, avoiding traffic and merge into the Aizwal-Lunglei Road. 

Ride From Reiek To Thenzawl In Mizoram
Ride From Reiek To Thenzawl In Mizoram

Famous Places Covered In Ride From Reiek To Thenzawl

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While the ride from Reiek to Thenzawl is an easy one, I planned to cover some famous sites en-route. As described in my article “Places to Visit in Aizwal,” there are many places in Aizwal District that required a drive of more than 50 kilometers. These places are not in the vicinity of the city and required additional efforts. I had planned my itinerary in a way that as I cover maximum locations while moving from one point to another. The tourist spot in Mizoram I covered during today’s ride was

  • Khuangchera Puk
  • Mizo Heritage Village at Falkawn
  • Tropic of Cancer at S.Maubuang
  • Hmuifang Hill Station
  • Sialsuk Peak 

My Bike Ride From Reiek To Thenzawl

Ride From Reiek To Aizwal City

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After breakfast and settling payments, I started for my next destination. The Manager at Reiek Tourist Lodge had already booked my room in Thenzawl and, all I had to do was to reach Thenzawl in time. I started from Reiek around 10:30 AM and took my first break Khuangchera Puk. The Khuangchera Puk is the largest (or second as per websites claims) cave in Mizoram. It lies about five kilometers from Reiek towards Aizwal. I parked my bike on the roadside and deiced to explore the cave before proceeding forward. The cave has a narrow entrance and steel bars to close the cave in the evening. I joined a group that also came to visit the cave from Reiek. I noticed the caves in Meghalaya are more of limestone, here it was carved out of a rock. It is named after a legendary Mizo fighter who lived here in the early 19th century. I tried getting a guide to get a better idea of the cave and how it came to existence but found none. After traversing for fifteen minutes, I decided to return and ride towards Aizwal. 

Aizwal City As Seen From Tlangnuam
Aizwal City As Seen From Tlangnuam

After visiting the Khuangchera Puk, I got an idea that Tourism in Mizoram is not as famous as the other north-eastern state of India. Although Mizoram offers unique beauty, it is yet to be recognized by Indians. For example, when I was in Meghalaya, I visited the Mawsmai Cave and noticed the site flooded with tourists. Whereas, in the case of Mizoram, the group mostly comprised of the local population. The lack of information is apparent on the internet. The websites have information about all the north-eastern states, but the same is not valid for Mizoram. A website mentioned Dampa Tiger Reserve 20km from Reiek, but in reality, it is 100 kilometers from Reiek. It was the main reason I started writing my travelogue about Mizoram first and decided to add other north-eastern states later. 

Ride From Aizwal City To Falkawn Village

I took 45 minutes to reach the outskirts of the Aizwal city. From there, I followed the road heading towards the Falkawn Village, and maps suggested another 20 minutes to reach Falkawn. While riding for Falkawn, I stopped at Tlangnuam View as this place also offers a beautiful view of the Aizwal city. After clicking photos, I continued my ride further. The road from Tlangnuam to Falkawn is similar to the road from Silchar to Aizwal. A single lane road sufficient enough to pass two vehicles at a time surrounded by hills on both sides. Around noon, I reached the Falkwan village, parked my bike near one shop, and went inside. The Mizo Heritage Village at Falkwan was constructed to show a glimpse of Mizo culture through their lifestyle. The homes built were traditional Mizo Hut with the help of Bamboo and other trees. While Bamboo plays a vital role in the life of north-east India, it has a significant impact in Mizoram. Bamboo is in abundance in the state, and Mizoram is the leading producer of Bamboo In India. Bamboo covers around 44% of the state area. Mizoram has 27 species of Bamboo and supplies 14% of India’s Bamboo for commercial usages. I quickly walked through the entire village and decided to move to my next destination. My next stop was at the Tropic Of Cancer at S.Maubuang.  S.Maubuang is 25 kilometers from the Falkwan village, and maps suggest another 40 minutes. I set a target to reach S.Maubuang by 2 PM and continued my driving. 

Falkawn Village A Mizo Cultural Village In Aizwal
Falkawn Village A Mizo Cultural Village In Aizwal

Ride From Falkwan Village To Tropic Of Cancer at S.Maubuang

Google Maps also suggested a site by the name Sibuta Lung, and I considered visiting the place. Upon arriving at Sibuta Lung, I noticed the information board in the Mizo language, unable to read, and I proceeded further. I bookmarked the site and decided to read about it later. The road from Falkwan to S.Maubuang passes through small villages like Tachhip, Aibawk, and Seek. I badly wanted to stop at any market for a short tea break but hardly found any and therefore continued my ride. After 45 minutes, I reached the town of S.Maubuang. I inquired about the signboard of the Tropic of Cancer, and a local shop owner informed me that it is 500 meters ahead. With no option of tea, I ordered a cold drink and chips from the same shop and continued my conversation with the shop owner. After arriving at the Tropic of cancer signboard, I parked my scooter adjacent to the signboard and clicked a few pictures. Later I kept my camera on remote control mode and clicked a few pictures of myself with the board. Once satisfied with the photos, I decided to proceed further. 

Aizwal Lunglei Road Near The Town of Hmuifang
Aizwal Lunglei Road Near The Town of Hmuifang

Ride From S.Maubuang To Hmuifang

By 2:15 PM, I finished clicking the pictures, and my next destination was Hmuifang. As I started riding for Hmuifang, I noticed a gradual change in the landscape. I could see the slopes covered with grass, and the mountain looked greener due to the setting sun. By the time I reached Hmuifang, the sun had started setting. Although it was only 3:00 PM, the sun sets early in the eastern part of India. Also, I was traveling in November, so by default, days were shorter compared to summers. Upon arriving at Hmuifang, I parked my scooter near the Hmuifang Tourist Lodge and sought to explore the site by walking. Hmuifang offers a perfect view of the greener Mizo Hills from a different prospect. While in the case of Reiek, the Tourist Lodge was amidst dense forest, here it was opposite. The nearby hills were under tree cover, but the area surrounding the Tourist Lodge has grassland. I went to the nearby hills and the watchtower and clicked a few photos of the surrounding. I spend about 45 minutes at Hmuifang and then decided to move to my next destination. 

Tourist Rest House Hmuifang In Mizoram
Tourist Rest House Hmuifang In Mizoram

Ride From Hmuifang To Sialsuk

I read on the internet that Sialsuk is famous for the green meadows and its picturesque location. From Hmuifang, Sialsuk is only a 15 minutes ride. To reach Sialsuk, I took a right turn from the main road, which leads to the nearby market of Sialsuk. The hills and Sialsuk market are only a kilometer from the main road, and by 4:15 PM, I reached the Sialsuk Church from where the meadow starts. I parked my scooter near Church and began ascending the small hills. By the time I reached Sialsuk, dusk had fallen, and I experienced the mountains in dim light. The setting sun filled the sky with different shades of color. I hiked till the last point in the Sialsuk, where there is a cross and clicked a few more photos of my last destination of today’s ride. By the time I returned from the Sialsuk market, it was dark. I purchased petrol on a black rate from the nearby shop, and after refueling started for Thenzawl. On the main road where I took diversion while going to Sialsuk, I met the security personnel. They were in Mizoram to conduct a fair election, and although I knew I was getting late, I sat with them and had a short conversation. I discussed the problem faced by them and from which part of India they belong. By 5 PM, it was completely dark, and I sensed I should ride to Thenzawl.

Sunset At Sialsuk In Mizoram With My Travel Gears
Sunset At Sialsuk In Mizoram With My Travel Gears

Ride From Sialsuk To Thenzawl 

From Sialsuk, Thenzawl is an hour ride, and once I started riding, I felt deterioration in the condition of the road. I remembered the suggestion by the sports teacher at Reiek Peak, as he informed me that the route starts deteriorating as the Tenzawl approaches. The last 20 kilometers was a challenging task as I had to ride through a bumpy and narrow road in complete darkness. Further, a convoy of trucks made the ride more challenging as they filled the entire way with dirt. At 6 PM, I reached the Tourist Lode in Thenzawl and enquired about my reservation. The Manager confirmed my booking but said that he could not provide food as I haven’t ordered my dinner in advance. As it was wintertime, tourists have to order dinner in advance since the mess closes early. I decided to look for something in the Thenzawl market, and upon arriving there, I was shocked. The market looked deserted, with the majority of shops closed. A few restaurants were open, but they had only non-veg on the menu. With nothing to eat, I ordered tea and settled with some snacks. I packed a few biscuits packets and a cooldrink for the night and decided to return. At the hotel, I unpacked my luggage, charged my electronic gadgets, and decided to watch Stories by Rabindranath Tagore, which I had download offline. For the next day, my plan was to explore the biggest waterfall in Mizoram, i.e., Vantawng Waterfalls and other nearby areas. With no dinner and nothing more to do, I decided to go for sleep. 

Thanks for reading, do read the remaining part of my ride in Mizoram, which is the part of my trip to North-East India.

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