A Complete Travel Guide To Vantawng Waterfall and Tuirihiau Waterfall In Mizoram

Throughout my ride in North-East, India, I found two things in abundance. One, the endless hills of north-east India and second the numerous waterfalls formed within those hills. During my ride in Meghalaya, I encountered countless waterfalls, including some of the largest waterfalls in India. Noh-Ka-Likai, Wai-Saw-Dongand Rainbow waterfall made a profound impact on my memory. At the same time, the smaller waterfalls allowed me to experience them from a distance. Once I finished my ride in Meghalaya and entered the plains of Assam. I missed the waterfalls during my trip to Assam, and in Mizoram, the situation was no different. Although I encountered two small waterfalls while riding from Aizwal to Reiek, they were small and didn’t entice me. After yesterday’s ride of 120 kilometers, I reached Thenzawl, and I knew that I am going to view the best waterfall in the state. The town of Thenzawl is famous for its waterfall and hosts two of the best waterfalls in Mizoram. The Trip to Vantawng Waterfall and Tuirihiau Waterfall are the most famous waterfall in Mizoram and a major tourist attraction. This article deals with my experience of visiting the Tuirihiau and Vantawng Falls and other information related to them. In this article, I will be sharing my trip to Vantawng Falls and Tuirihiau Falls, the accommodation facility, and additional information for making a successful visit to the most famous waterfall of Mizoram.

Where Is Tuirihiau Waterfall and Vantawng Waterfalls Situated?

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The Tuirihiau and Vantawng Waterfall lie in the town of Thenzawl (90 Kilometers from Aizwal)in the Serchhip district of Mizoram. Serchhip is one of the eight districts of Mizoram and famous for its traditional Mizo handloom. The Tuirihiau and Vantawng Waterfall lie ten kilometers from Thenzawl on the Aizwal-Thenzawl-Lunglei Road. Both waterfalls lie close to each other at a mere distance of two kilometers (excluding the walking distance). The nearest district, Serchhip, is 32 kilometers while Lunglei is 80 kilometers from Thenzawl. Google Maps suggests an alternate Vantawng Waterfall in Serchhip, which is incorrect and creates confusion. In case one is not sure about the location of the waterfall, please refer to the link.   

Why Visit Vantawng Waterfall and Tuirihiau Waterfall

The state of Mizoram mostly comprised of hills and forests. As much as 90% of the state area falls under the dense cover of hills and trees. While the mountains and woodlands provide a much scenic landscape, it is good to see something different apart from hills and forests. Mizoram has many waterfalls, yet none can compete the size of Vantawng Waterfall. The Vanva River forms the Vantawng waterfall, while Tuirihiau waterfall is more of a seasonal waterfall. The Vantawng Waterfall is also known as Vantawng Khawhthla in local Mizo Language.

The most important reason for visiting the Vantawng waterfall is its size. The waterfall is the biggest in Mizoram, with water falling from a height of 230 meters. It is a two-tiered waterfall and a pool at its base where tourists can enjoy swimming and photography. To reach the bottom of the waterfall, one has to trek for an hour. In case anyone is not interested in the trek, he/she can see the waterfall from the watchtower constructed by the state government. The Vantawng waterfall got its name from a Mizo guy called Vantawnga. Vantawnga used to exhibit his excellent swimming skills, but during one such performance, a drifting log fell from above and killed him. The waterfall was named Vantawng to honor him and his expertise in swimming. 

Tuirihiau Waterfall In Thenzawl,  Mizoram
Tuirihiau Waterfall In Thenzawl, Mizoram

While Vantawng waterfall is a two-storied plunge waterfall, the Tuirihiau waterfall is more of a cascading waterfall. The waterfalls, less than 10 meters in height, allows people to go near the waterfall. Tuirihiau waterfalls also require a moderate trek to reach from the main road. The nearby cave and forest are ideal locations for camping, adventure activity, and a productive photography session. 

How To Reach Vantawng Waterfall And Tuirihiau Waterfall From Aizwal

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Both Tuirihiau and Vantawng fall are easily accessible from Aizwal City. Three to four hours of drive from Aizwal will lead you to the most spectacular waterfall of Mizoram. Thenzawl is a major town before the waterfall, and regular buses ply on this route from Aizwal and other parts of Mizoram. As both waterfalls lie on the Aizwal-Lunglei Road, Mizoram State Government Buses run on this route. Thenzawl lies on the tri-section of Aizwal-Serchhip-Lunglei; thus, the transport facilities are in abundance. In case one is not accustomed to the fixed timings of government buses, he/she can opt for the sumo services that run on the route throughout the day. There are designated state/district taxi to provide connectivity, and one can book them in Aizwal. 

A Signboard Showing The Direction of Vantawng Waterfall In Thnezawl
A Signboard Showing The Direction of Vantawng Waterfall In Thnezawl

Once you arrive Thenzawl, the next task is to reach the waterfalls. Since both waterfalls lie 10 kilometers from Thenzawl, one has to rely again on Sumo Services, hitchhiking, or booking a private taxi or cab from the hotel or market. I would recommend sumo or hitchhiking as a private taxi might charge more. For Vantawng Waterfall, one has to walk for about 2 kilometers from the main road to reach the watchtower built by the State Tourism Department. In the case of Tuirihiau Waterfall, one has to climb down to reach the main waterfall. 

What To Do At Vantawng Waterfall and Tuirihiau Waterfall

Both Vantawng and Tuirihiau require a walk to get the first glimpse of the waterfall. Thus both the waterfall allows travelers the option of a trek and walk. In case one is more interested in trek and adventure, he/she can try a more rigorous trek to the base of the Vantawng waterfall. The trek to the bottom of the waterfall takes more than an hour and might require a guide. Camping is another option at Vantawng waterfall, and when I visited the waterfall, I saw a group of local college kids camped there. 

The Tourist Lodge at Thenzawl also lists a few more places to explore near the area. It mentions a lake by the name Dil Pui and Thenzawl Deer Park. Travelers can visit these two sites once they have explored the Vantawng and Tuirihiau Waterfall. 

Accommodation Facility At Vantawng Waterfall and Tuirihiau Waterfall

As both waterfalls lie in the vicinity of Thenzawl town, accommodation facility is readily available. When I visited the Thenzawl market, I saw many advertisements for hotels and homestays. Being a prominent town on Aizwal-Lunglei Road, accommodation shouldn’t be a concern for travelers. Although I would recommend staying at Mizoram Government Tourist Lodge at Thenzawl. The tourist lodge lies at a perfect location just before the Thenzawl town and offers a variety of room as per the budget and the number of people. Since I was traveling solo, I decided to book a bed in a dormitory, and it cost only 100 rupees. The tourist lodge also offers private rooms and halls to cater to the needs of the travelers. 

Mizoram Government Tourist Lodge In Thenzawl
Mizoram Government Tourist Lodge In Thenzawl

Another advantage of staying at the tourist lodge is the quality of food. Being a vegetarian, I was facing issues with food in Mizoram, and the Tourist Lodge came as a savior. Throughout my ride in Mizoram, I loved the quality of food provided by the staff. Apart from the Tourist Lodge in Thenzawl, there is a Tourist Lodge in Hmuifang and Lunglei. I will recommend staying at the government tourist lodge due to reasonable prices, excellent hospitality, and a unique location.

Best Time To Visit Vantawng Waterfall and Tuirihiau Waterfall And Other Facilities

The best time to visit the waterfalls is during or post-monsoon season. The majority of waterfalls in North-East India are seasonal, and they have very less water once the summer season starts. Similarly, the Vanva river, which feeds the Vantawng waterfall, is a seasonal river with very less water once the monsoon season gets over. When I visited the waterfall, the flow of water was very less when compared with the images I saw on the Internet. While I traveled in November, I can imagine the flow of water in December and January. From my experience, I will recommend visiting the waterfall from July till October end. 

Vantwang Waterfalls Seen In Monsoon Season Vs Post Monsoon Season
Vantwang Waterfalls Seen In Monsoon Season Vs Post Monsoon Season. Photo Credit: Ravichandra Rays

Regarding facilities, Thenzawl is a big town and has all the facilities a tourist can ask. It has mechanic shops, medical shops, hotels, and homestays. There are two petrol pumps in the Thenzawl town, and I didn’t face any issue while exploring the waterfalls or the town. In case you are looking for any specific information, do let me know via comment or message. 

How I Explored Vantawng Waterfall and Tuirihiau Waterfall

After sleeping an empty stomach previous night, I woke up early and started working on my plan. As per my itinerary, I planned to explore the Vantawng Waterfall and Tuirihiau Waterfall. Later in the day, I planned to ride for Saitual and Tam Dil Lake. I packed my bag, kept it near the reception, and started for Vantawng Waterfall. In 5 minutes, I reached a signboard showing the direction of Vantawng Waterfall. I took the exit from the main road and started driving on the narrow path. The narrow road ends 500 meters from the main road. I noticed building items there, indicating that the government is constructing a path till the waterfall. I parked my scooter near one tree and started walking towards the waterfall. Twenty minutes of walk and I finally reached the Vantawng Waterfall Watchtower.  I was astonished by the view, the whole area filled with dense fog and the waterfall out of sight. As it was early in the morning, I knew it would take some time to get a clear view. I met a group of college students who camped there the previous night. They informed that it would take an hour or two to get the first glimpse of the waterfall. Initially, I wanted to trek down to the base of the waterfall until the time fog gets cleared, but due to the lack of information about the trek, I decided to drop the plan. Moreover, I was running on a tight schedule, and I decided to utilize the time visiting the Tuirihiau fall. 

Tuirihiau Waterfall

I returned to my scooter and started for Tuirihiau falls. The Tuirihiau falls a is a kilometer away from the Vantawng falls. Upon arriving at Tuirihiau Resort, I parked my bike and started walking towards the waterfall. The signboards provide the necessary direction to reach the bottom of the waterfall. Once I reached the waterfall, I fixed my GoPro for a short time-lapse and clicked photos of the waterfall and the surrounding area. After spending an hour at Tuirihiau falls, I decided to return, hoping by the time I reach Vantawng falls, the fog has subsided. 

Tuirihiau Waterfall Seen From Bottom
Tuirihiau Waterfall Seen From Bottom

Thenzawl Town And Market

Before driving to the Vantawng falls, I decided to stop for breakfast as I started feeling an ache in my stomach. The market in Thenzawl town was open, and I ordered tea along with egg fried rice at a small restaurant. By the time I finished my breakfast, the clock had shown 9:30 AM, and I started for Vantawng falls. Once I arrived at Vantawng falls, the fog was still there, yet I was able to get a glimpse of the waterfall. The waterfall looked magnificent from the watchtower. Although I was disappointed with the flow of water yet, I was mesmerized by its height. I have seen some of the best waterfalls in India, including the Jog Falls in Karnata, Birthi Falls in Uttrakhand, Noh-Ka-Likai, and Rainbow falls in Meghalaya. By looking at the Vantawng falls, I was sure that it falls in the same category as the waterfalls mentioned above.  

Entrance Gate Of Deer Park In Thenzawl Mizoram
Entrance Gate Of Deer Park In Thenzawl Mizoram

Vantawng Waterfall

My next task was to fix my GoPro on the watchtower and sharted shooting photos and the time-lapse. Meanwhile, I shot a video of the waterfall with my drone, which you can see in this post. I spent about two hours at Vantawng falls and experienced the waterfall in the best possible way. By the time I decided to return, the fog got cleared, and I could see the waterfall amidst the dense forest of the Mizo Hills. Even the pool at the bottom of the waterfall was visible. I wanted to stay longer, but I knew I was already behind my schedule. In the Thezawl town, I tried locating the Dil Pui lake, but locals were not aware of any such lake. I dropped the plan of exploring the lake and instead rode to the Thenzawl Deer Park. The park lies 3 kilometers from the Tourist lodge, and it was my last destination before departing from the town. Once I reached the Tourist Lodge, I quickly finished my breakfast and settled the payments. Later I called the Manager of Tourist Lodge in Reiek and informed him that I would be riding for Tam Dil Lake. He assured me that he would take care of my booking. With nothing more to do in the town, I headed for my next destination, which was Tam Dil Lake in Saitual.  

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