A Travel Guide To Birthi Waterfall In Uttrakhand: The Biggest Waterfall In Uttrakhand

The best part of traveling to hills and mountains is that it provides a variety of options to adventurers to quench their desire to explore something unique. While the scenic mountains offer picturesque scenery, at the same time, it provides a wide range of treks and camping opportunities. Mountains not only pave the way for treks but also forms waterfalls, which are significant tourist attractions in the area. During my traveling in India, I witnessed some of the best waterfalls in the country. Waterfalls like Jog Falls in KarnatakaRainbow Falls, Wei-Saw-Dong Falls, both in Meghalaya and Vantawng Falls in Mizoram. I was amazed by the beauty they offered and forced me to write about the Birthi Waterfall, which I visited during my ten days trip to Uttrakhand. Birthi Waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls in Uttrakhand and a famous tourist attraction of the state. While waterfalls like Tiger Falls and Kempty Falls are famous in Uttrakhand, the majority of people hardly visit the Birthi Waterfall. Due to this, I decided to write about the famous waterfalls of Uttrakhand and chose to start with Birthi Falls. In this article, I will be sharing vital information about Birthi Waterfall in Uttrakhand. I will also share details like how to reach the waterfall, accommodation facility near Birthi Falls, and additional minute details to make a successful trip to Birthi Waterfall. I hope this article proves beneficial as my other articles on traveling in India. 

Where Is Birthi Waterfall Situated?

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The Birthi Waterfall lies in the Kumaon Region of the state of Uttrakhand. The waterfall lies in the Munsiyari Tehsil of the Pithoragarh District. Pithoragarh district forms an international border with Nepal (in the east )and China(in the north), and it is one of the thirteen districts of the state. The Birthi waterfall lies 520 kilometers from Delhi and 100 kilometers from the district headquarters of Pithoragarh. The nearest big town to Birth falls Munsiyari, which is 30 kilometers from the waterfall. The distance of Birthi Waterfall from the major cities of Uttrakhand is as follow:

  • Delhi To Birthi Falls-> 520 Kilometers
  • Rishikesh To Birthi Falls-> 380 Kilometers
  • Nainital to Birthi Falls-> 230 Kilometers
  • Almora To Birthi Falls-> 170 Kilometers
  • Bageshwar To Birthi Falls-> 100 Kilometers
View of Road To Birthi Waterfall From Thejam
View of Road To Birthi Waterfall From Thejam

How To Reach Birthi Waterfall

Birthi Waterfall is easily accessible via road from most parts of India. From Delhi, a fourteen-hour drive will take you to the Birth Falls. The Muisiyari-Nainital Route is the main route to reach the Birthi Falls, while alternative ways also exist. The condition of the road from Bageshwar to Munisiyari is suitable and takes three to four hours to reach the parking lot of waterfall. Travelers are traveling from Delhi to Birthi falls are advised to stay at Chaukori, Bageshwar, or Almora for the night and start for waterfall the next day. The possible routes to reach Birthi Falls are (considering Delhi at start point): 

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  • New Delhi->Nainital-> Almora-> Bageshwar -> Chaukori or Tejam-> Birthi Falls
  • New Delhi->Nainital-> Almora-> Berinag-> Chaukori-> Birthi Falls
  • New Delhi-> Rishikesh-> Devprayag-> Karnaprayag-> Gwaldam -> Bageshwar -> Chaukori or Tejam-> Birthi Falls

Of all, the first route is the best to reach the Birthi Falls as the route passes through the largest towns of Uttrakhand. The second route via Berinag is also feasible, and I drove on this route during my visit to Patal Bhuvaneshwar Cave. I have mentioned a third route vis Rishikesh which is the longest one and doesn’t make sense in reality. Yet I have mentioned this route for the travelers planning to visit the waterfall from Garhwal Region of Uttrakhand. When I visited the Birthi Falls, I followed the third route as I was returning from my trip to Badrinath Temple and Trek to the Valley of Flower. From Karnaprayag to Gwaldam, the road is in bad shape, but the condition of the road improves as Bageshwar approaches.  

A Drone Video Of Birthi Waterfall. The Shot Was Taken Both From Birthi View Point and Near The Waterfall

A journey via road is mandatory to reach Birthi Falls. Since the waterfall lies at an elevation of 1800 meters above sea level, construction of airports or railways is challenging in the proximity. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, which is 250 kilometers. Similarly, the nearest airports are Naini Saini Airport (Pithoragarh) and Pantnagar Airport that are 100 and 280 kilometers in the distance, respectively. 

Why Visit Birthi Waterfall In Uttrakhand

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Though there is no logical explanation for visiting a waterfall or hill station yet, Birthi Waterfall distinguishes itself from the rest of the waterfalls of the state. The state of Uttrakhand has many beautiful waterfalls a few of which are:

  • Tiger Falls In Chakrata
  • Kempty Falls In Mussourie
  • Dhokaney Waterfall in Almora
  • Vasudhara Falls in Chamoli district

I could have added a few more waterfalls in the above list, but you might get my point that the state has an abundance of the waterfall. In the list above, the top three waterfalls are highway commercialized visited by thousands of tourists annually. To reach Vasudhara fall, it requires a mandatory trek and not accessible unless you are ready for a challenging trek. The Birthi waterfalls provide an escape from all these obstacles. The waterfall is less commercialized and doesn’t require a trek. A short walk of one kilometer will lead you to the base of the waterfall. Another reason for visiting Birthi Falls is its volume. The waterfall is the highest in the state of Uttrakhand. Some websites mention the Vasudhara waterfall as the highest, yet Birthi comes out as a clear winner. The height of the Vasudhara Waterfall is 120 meters, while Birthi Waterfall stands at the height of 125 meters. 

My Watch Near Birthi Waterfall In Uttrakhand
My Watch Near Birthi Waterfall In Uttrakhand

Despite the debate on height, there is no doubt that the waterfall is one of the largest in the state. Birthi is famous not only for its height but also for the flow of water. In the case of Tiger Falls and Kempty Falls the flow if good, the flow of Birthi Falls is gigantic. When I visited the waterfall, I was not able to go near the waterfall due to the enormous influx of water. I had never seen such a powerful stream of water in any of the waterfalls in India. I was astonished by the quantity of water falling from the top. From my experience, I would strongly recommend visiting the Birthi Falls to experience the real meaning of waterfall. 

Accommodation Facility At Birthi Waterfall In Uttrakhand

In terms of the accommodation facility at Birthi Waterfall, the best option is to stay at Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Tourist Resort in Birthi. The KNVM Tourist Resort lies on Muansiyari-Thal Road and is only 500 meters from the waterfall. The resort is close to the waterfall and provides a view of the waterfall from the reception and window of the room. The KNVM Tourist Resort is a Government-owned resort and the best accommodation facility near the Birthi Waterfall. Due to bloom in the homestays and small hotels in India, one can find plenty of homestays throughout the road. The nearest town to Birthi Waterfall is Munsiyari (30Km), and Tejam (17Km), and both the town have plenty of good hotels and homestays. 

Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Tourist Resort in Birthi
Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Tourist Resort in Birthi

When we traveled to Birthi Waterfall, we planned to stay at the KNVM Tourist Resort In Birthi. Due to a massive landslide on the route, we had to abandon our plan, and we stayed at a small house in Tejam. Since we were traveling during the monsoon season, the chances of landslides in hills are frequent. My itinerary was to Trek the Valley of Flowers and Gurudwara Shri Hemkund Sahib and, while returning, explore the town of Munsiyari, Birthi Waterfall, Patal Bhuvaneshwar. As the best time to visit the Valley of Flowers is the rainy season (July to Septemeber), we traveled to the hills despite knowing the risk. Although traveling to the Himalayas during Monsoon season is a risk, at the same time, it paves a way to see the Birthi Waterfall in its full might. When I reached near the waterfall, I was astonished by the turbulent flow of the water. The roaring sound of water suppressed all the other sound. The flow of water was so massive that we saw the tiny droplets on our car windscreen when we were 600-700 meters from the waterfall on the main road. 

Best Time To Visit The Birthi Waterfall In Uttrakhand

Birthi Waterfall is accessible throughout the year, and travelers can visit the best waterfall of the Uttrakhand any time of the year. As the melting of snow feeds the waterfall, it has water throughout the year. Although Birthi is accessible throughout the year, the best time to visit is during or after the monsoon season. The period from July to October is the best time to visit the Birthi Waterfall. Like most of the waterfalls in India, the flow of the Birthi Waterfall gets multiplied during the rainy season. When I visited the waterfall, the current was so massive that I was unable to go near the base of the waterfall. I tried going as near as possible but eventually dropped the thought. I was thrilled by seeing a waterfall with a massive flow from 200 meters. In my short span of travel, I have seen some of the best waterfalls in India, like the Jog Falls and the Noh-Ka-Likai Falls. In all the waterfalls mentioned above, I viewed them from a distance, but Birthi gives freedom to experience from a closer range. In a nutshell, one can visit the Birthi Waterfall at any time of the year, yet it is advisable to go during or after the monsoon season, i.e., between July to October. 

Landslide on Munisiyari-Thal Route on Birthi Waterfall
Landslide on Munisiyari-Thal Route on Birthi Waterfall

 Trek Complexity Of Birthi Waterfall

The Birthi Waterfall is accessible after a short walk of 1 kilometer from the main Miunisyari-Thal Road. There is a well-paved trail that leads to the base of the waterfall. The trail passes through a bushy path with a cluster of trees in between. There is a small house near the waterfall constructed by the state government for camping. Although I am not sure if camping is allowed, yet proper approval before visiting the waterfall might multiply the joy. In short, the way to reach the waterfall is easy. Anyone can go near the Birthi waterfall no matter what age group he/she is falling. 

What To Do Near Birthi Waterfall

Not only the Birthi Waterfall provides an excellent site to enjoy, but the entire state of Uttrakhand is also famous for such places. As mentioned earlier, the waterfall is close to many notable towns of Uttrakhand like Munisiyari, Chaukori, Bagheshwar, and Almora. As per our itinerary, we planned to visit the Patal Bhuvaneshwar cave after exploring the Birthi Waterfall. Patal Bhuvaneshwar is a series of limestone caves in Uttrakhand and a famous Hindu pilgrimage site. The route to go Patal Bhuvaneshwar from Birthi is as follows: Birthi Waterfall-> Tejam-> Chaukori-> Berinag-> Raiagar-> Patal Bhuvaneshwar. I will be sharing my journey to Patal Bhuvaneshwar Cave in the later articles of my trip to the Valley of Flower. I have also explored a few more places near Birthi Waterfall, like Kausani, Ranikhet, and Munisyari, which I aim to narrate in my upcoming articles.  

Berinag Town A Tourist Spot In Uttrakhand
Berinag Town A Tourist Spot In Uttrakhand

I hope this article on Birthi Waterfall and would be beneficial for any traveler planning to visit the Birthi Waterfall. In case any additional information is required, do let me know I would be glad to help my fellow travelers. 

Keep Traveling, Neep Riding. 

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