A Detailed Travel Guide On Planning A Trip To Longwa Village In Nagaland

When I traveled to northeastern India, I visited the border of India several times. Yet, it was the India-Myanmar border where I was able to cross the border and tour the towns in Myanmar. I crossed the border in Mizoram and visited the Rih Dil Lake. Later in Manipur, I crossed the boundary again and visited the township of Moreh and Tamu. In Nagaland, I got the same opportunity to visit the India-Myanmar border. This time I was going to visit the border village of Longwa in Nagaland. Longwa is popular for its location on the India-Myanmar border. Longwa village is also famous for the house of the village chief, which lies half in India and half in Myanmar. After Longwa, I also visited the Pangsau Pass in Arunachal Pradesh. During my ride in north-east India, I touched the border of India many times and complied a detailed blog post. I have already listed the places that lie on the International border of India, which travelers can check out before planning a trip to northeast India. Anyways, in this article, I will be sharing essential information related to planning a trip to Longwa Village in Nagaland. I will share the route details, condition of the road, and accommodation facilities for making a successful trip to Longwa. I hope this article would be useful, like my previous articles, where I crossed the border. In case any additional details are required, do let me know via comment or message. 

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Why is Longwa Village Famous Among Travellers?

Longwa village is famous for its proximity to the border of India-Myanmar. From a traveler’s point of view, visiting the international border is an achievement, and north-east India has plenty of these sites. While there are many places in northeast India on the border, Longwa is famous for one more reason. The house of the village chief of Longwa village lies half in India and half in Myanmar. According to the famous saying, the chief sleeps in Myanmar and functions from India. It is also said that he has 60 wives and rules over the 60 villages of the Konyak Tribe of Naga people. When I traveled to Longwa, I saw the house on the border, not sixty wives! Anyways I was more interested in exploring the area and less in wives. When I visited Longwa village, I clicked a few photos of myself and my scooter on the India-Myanmar International Border. 

Hills Of Nagaland During Bike RIde to Longwa Village In Nagaland
Hills Of Nagaland During Bike RIde to Longwa Village In Nagaland

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The view of hills from Longwa is mesmerizing. Although the entire route during my trip to Longwa had a picturesque location, the beauty multiplied at Longwa village. A ride through the hills of Nagaland is a fantastic experience, and so is the Mon district. A trip to Longwa requires a journey through the remotest areas of Nagaland and enables travelers to understand the state from another perspective. Also, a trip to Longwa village allows the tourists to understand the culture and traditions of Konyak Nagas. The area around Longwa and Mon district is famous for Konyak Nagas and their pierced ears, tattoos, and headhunting. Konyak Nagas have tattoos all over their faces, hands, chests, arms, and calves. Since Nagaland comprises various Naga tribes, a ride to Longwa enables travelers to know how the tribes differ from each other.

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Where Is Longwa Village Situated?

The India-Myanmar border passes through the state of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, and Mizoram. This border is 1624 kilometers in length, and local tribes live on both sides of the border. The population along the border, as well as the tourist movement, is controlled through the policy called FMR (Free Movement Regime). The FMR allows citizens of both countries to cross the border and visit the neighboring territory up to 16 kilometers from the border.

Sign Board At Longwa Village In Nagaland
Sign Board At Longwa Village In Nagaland

The Longwa village lies in the Mon District of Nagaland, which is the northernmost district of Nagaland. Arunachal Pradesh bounds it to its north, Assam to its west and Myanmar to its east. Mon is one of the twelve districts of Nagaland and an important town inhabited by Konyak Nagas. Konyak Nagas are one of the sixteen tribes of Nagaland, known for their headhunting, a practice now discontinued in Nagaland. The Longwa village lies 320-360 kilometers from the state capital Kohima (depending upon the route). Guwahati, the biggest city in north-east India, lies 500 kilometers from Longwa. 

How To Reach Longwa From Guwahati And Kohima

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As Longwa lies in the northernmost district of Nagaland, it is easily accessible via Assam compared to Nagaland. The hills and forest cover the majority of Nagaland’s area except for the areas bordering Assam. Therefore traveling to Longwa via Assam is recommended than within Nagaland. From Kohima, there are two ways to reach Longwa village, one riding within the state and second via Assam. The National Highway 2 runs through the state, and one can reach Longwa by the following route: Kohima-> Wokha-> Mokokchung-> Tuli-> Mon-> Longwa. This route mostly comprised of Hills, and the condition of the road is not good. An alternative route is via Assam is as follow: Kohima-> Dimapur-> Golaghat-> Jorhat (By-pass)-> Sivasagar(By-pass) -> Sonari-> Tizit-> Mon-> Longwa. This route is longer but takes less time when compared with the first route. 

If you are planning to visit Longwa from Guwahati, then the route is Guwahati-> Nagaon-> Numaligarh-> Jorhat-> Sivasagar (By-pass)-> Sonari-> Tizit-> Mon -> Longwa. Planning a trip to Longwa from Assam is feasible when compared with a drive within Nagaland. When I rode to Longwa village, I followed the Assam route. My ride in Assam was smooth, and as soon as I entered in Nagaland, the condition of the road deteriorated. The 60 kilometers ride from Tizit to Longwa was a challenging ride. I got an idea of what would have happened if I had followed the Mokokchung route. 

Regarding Rail and Air connectivity at Longwa, as the town lies on the border of Assam, the connectivity is better compared with other sites in northeast India. The nearest airport is Dimapur (300 Kilometers), Jorhat (180 Kilometers) and Dibrugarh (160 Kilometers). Similarly, the nearest railway station to Longwa village is Dimapur (300 Kilometers), Jorhat (180 Kilometers), Sivasagar (130 Kilometers). 

Condition of Road For Planning A Trip To Longwa Village

Since there are two ways to reach Longwa, the status of the road varies depending on the route one follows. The condition of the road in Assam is good compared with that of Nagaland. While in the case of Nagaland, the ride from Kohima to Longwa is bumpy, Assam offers a straight and a double laned highway. During my trip to Longwa, I followed the Assam route, and as I reached Dimapur, a well-paved road welcomed me. I will break my ride to provide a better idea of the condition of the road for planning a successful trip to Longwa. 

  • Kohima-Dimapur-> 80 kilometers, comprised of both hills and plains. Road expansion and maintenance work make the journey miserable. The road towards Dimapur is excellent and almost in the last phase of construction. 
  • Dimapur-Golaghat-> 90 Kilometers well-paved road. The road passes adjacent to the forest of Kaziranga National Park and Kaziranga Animal Corridor. The best stretch between Kohima and Longwa. 
  • Golaghat -Sivasagar-> 100 Kilometers well-constructed road. Although the condition is good, the heavy traffic on the Jorhat-Sivasagar-Dibrugarh route makes the ride miserable. 
  •  Sivasagar-Tizit (Assam-Nagaland Border)-> 70 kilometers of single laned yet well-paved highway. The route is scenic and passes through the tea estates and rice fields of Assam. 
  • Tizit- Mon(District Headquarters)-> 40 Kilometers of ride on hills. The road is a mixture of good and bad patches. In some stretches, the condition is miserable. 
  • Mon- Longwa Village-> 40 Kilometers of awful road. The road comprises of pebbles and bricks and in some stretch mud and sand. 
Tizit Town The Border Village Between Assam And Nagaland
Tizit Town The Border Village Between Assam And Nagaland

Permit And Documentation Requirement For A Trip To Longwa Village

 The Inner Line Permit or ILP regulates the tourist entry in Nagaland. Therefore Indians, as well as foreigners, require ILP before visiting Nagaland. Both Dimapur and Kohima issues ILP for Nagaland, and I would recommend obtaining ILP from Dimapur. During my visit, I entered in Nagaland from Manipur, and my homestay owner had already arranged my ILP. Moreover, I traveled during the Hornbill Festival, and the ILP restrictions were less due to the massive influx of tourists. Once you have the ILP, there is no additional documents or permit required to visit the Longwa Village. 

The Assam Rifles and the Indian Army patrol the India-Myanmar border, so there are chances tourists might have to show the document for security purposes. They may or may not ask for valid ID proofs, but it is advisable to carry the original and photo state of ILP and other Identity proofs. Apart from this, there is no check-post or Border Gate checkpoints as I encountered during my ride in Moreh and Zokhawthar

Accommodation Facility In Longwa Village In Nagaland

Accommodation facility in and around Longwa village is not readily available, as it is in Moreh and Rih Dil. Since the town lies 40 kilometers from Mon district headquarters, it is more like a traditional village of north-east India and less like a tourist spot. In the last few years, tourism in north-east India bloomed, and when I visited the town, I saw two homestays in Longwa. The best accommodation facility for a stay in Longwa village is the Traveller’s Inn. The homestay lies in front of the chief’s house and offers a beautiful view of Myanmar Hills. There are a few more homestays suggested by google, but I will recommend an advance reservation if one intends to stay at Longwa. 

Entrance Gate Of Mon Town on A Trip To Longwa
Entrance Gate Of Mon Town on A Trip To Longwa

Another option for accommodation at Longwa is to stay in the Mon town. Since Longwa is only 40 kilometers from Mon, it takes two hours to reach Longwa, and one can explore the village within a day. Mon has plenty of hotels and homestays and provides various options for both food and accommodation. When I visited the Longwa, I was running short on time and rode from Sivasagar and returned. My trip to Longwa village was more of a ride and less of a stay. I was in the last leg of my ride in north-east India, and I had to catch a flight from Guwahati. Yet during my journey, I met tourists, and most of them stayed on Mon. From my experience, I will recommend staying at the Traveller’s Inn in Longwa or inquiring about availability in other homestays. The second option would be accommodation in Mon town and finally in Sivasagar. 

Mobile Network, Petrol Pumps, and Other Facilities In Longwa Village

The mobile network ceases to exist as soon as the town approaches owing to its vicinity to the border. Although the local mobile number works and I called the Traveller’s Inn homestay on their number. Once you are 3-4 kilometers away from the boundary, the network connectivity restores. I called a friend of mine while riding between Mon and Longwa, so the mobile network shouldn’t be an issue on a trip to Longwa.

Regarding the availability of petrol, the Mon district headquarter has a few petrol pumps. Also, throughout my ride in North-East, I noticed shops in small villages selling petrol on a water bottle. These shops charge high compared with the petrol pump, but no one cares about prices when he/she ran out of petrol. Apart from the cellphone network and petrol pump, I have already described the accommodation and other availability in the earlier part of the article. In a baseline, one shouldn’t expect too much facility in Longwa barring accommodation and food. If anyone is looking for additional facilities, staying at Mon is better compared to Longwa. 

Road Condition On Bike Ride To Longwa Village
Road Condition On Bike Ride To Longwa Village

Thanks for reading this article, and in case you are looking for some details I missed, do let me know via the comment or message and I would love to help. Through these articles, I am sharing my travelogue of north-east India, where I spend sixty days traveling through the seven sisters region. After Longwa, I crossed the border at Pangsau Pass in Arunachal Pradesh and my upcoming articles, and I will be sharing detailed info on Pangsau Pass. You can check my ride of north-east India in the travel section or select a specific state to know which areas I covered. Meanwhile Drive Safe, Drive Long. 

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