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Lumding Maibang Haflong Highway in Assam 0

A Ride On Lumding-Maibang-Haflong Highway In Assam: The Best Highway In North-East India

After spending two enjoyable and memorable days at the Kaziranga National Park, it was my turn to explore other areas of Assam. If you have read my article on planning my trip to North-East India, you know that initially, I planned to...

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Entrance Gate of Kaziranga National Park 0

A Bike Ride To Kaziranga National Park In Assam: Ride From Guwahati To Kohora

Back in school days, I used to participate in a lot of general knowledge competitions. I represented my school in many events and won prizes. While preparing for those competitions, I used to read different topics, and National Parks and...

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Rainbow Waterfalls in Meghalaya 0

Trek To Rainbow Waterfall In Meghalaya: Detailed Guide To Rainbow Falls Meghalaya

Any traveler visiting Meghalaya will find one thing in abundance, i.e., the waterfalls in the state. Meghalaya is blessed with many spectacular waterfalls, and whoever has visited Meghalaya will recon with it. The geography and its climate favor the formation...

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Double Root Bridge In Nongriat 0

Trek To Double-Decker Root Bridge In Cherrapunjee: Day Three In Meghalaya

Welcome to day three of my travelogue of North-East India, if you have read my previous articles you would know that I was traveling in Meghalaya. In the last two days, I covered some of the famous places to see in Cherrapunjee like...

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Wei-Saw Dong Waterfall Is one of the most scenic waterfall in Meghalaya 0

Trip to Wei-Saw-Dong Waterfall In Cherrapunjee: Most Scenic Waterfall In Meghalaya

Meghalaya is known as “Adobe of Clouds,” and there is no doubt in its nomenclature. If you have ever visited Meghalaya, you will see the name stands accurately as clouds cover the state in its length and breadth. When I...

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